Sunday, December 2

the very best way to start december

is being named Ruchette of the month!
huzzah! considering this is where i get literally half of my clothes,
i was pretty excited. jump all around, hug my ruche clothes, and
squeal about it kind of excited.
the best completely unexpected surprise to start off my month.
read the nice things they said about me here!
i'll be honest, sometimes it feels like as big of a part as i make you all a 
part of this experience, sitting behind a computer screen really does 
feel like i'm alone in it sometimes. i forget people read it,
forget anyone at all is going to read this.
 your comments, emails, tweets, ect. are all amazing 


kylee said...


shelbyisms said...

OF COURSE YOU'RE A RUCHETTE. You're just fantastic. Hooray for ~STYLE QUEEN~!

Mary said...

I'm elated for you. As I'm sure all your other (real life human) readers are.

Nathyness said...

Congrats!! This is actually how I found you. :)

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I'm very excited to perfect my photography skills with my new Nikon. To perfect my mom's photography skills, I should say. Since she's the one doing the photographing and all, haha.

What lens do you use for your camera? I'm planning to get the 50mm soon. What do you recommend?