Sunday, December 16

mustaches and ugly christmas sweaters

...just because it's been my goal since i started college to go to an ugly christmas sweater party, i'm going to document it. i don't know why, but it seems like talking about "parties" is taboo stuff in the blog world (regardless of whether someone does/doesn't engage in "party activities") so i hope you'll bear with me. i won't lie, 99% of the time i pass up a night out to skype or watch HIMYM or even do homework because those are things i prefer after a busy college week. but sometimes the opportunity presents itself and you're able to knock a college bucket list item off your list. plus, you can't stay in all the time can you? in terms of college parties, ugly christmas sweaters and mustache parties are prime and not to be missed. because sometimes it provides you the opportunity to meet a lot of true montana hipsters that are older than you and funny and entertaining and some of them are seven feet tall and you're able to say you have met someone an entire two feet taller than you. it was a night for the books. and the perfect last night in montana with a few of my favorite and best friends (and nerdiest, science majors make for the best friends).


Sara said...

Yeah, why is it that bloggers don't really post about parties and such? Is everyone trying to portray a wholesome lifestyle? Regardless, ugly sweater parties are lots of fun!

-Sara, Road to the Heart

Abbey said...

Sometimes random parties are the best, especially themed ones!

Chelsea Lane said...

so cute! love these photos...mustaches are awesome.


Ashlyn said...

Thank you SO much for talking about the subject of parties on blogs. It seems as though unless you are being a hostess at some classy shindig, parties are forbidden topics no matter how many you do or don't go to. I pretty much have the same philosophy as you- I do my own thing most of the time, but go out when the mood is right. It seems like you had a blast! I'd love to see more of this discussed!

Triple Thread

hellolyndsey said...

omG!!!! he is freaking TALLLL. haha! it looks like you had a wonderful time :) don't be afraid to express things you do in real life. I know bloggers that attend parties all the time. It gives them the best reason to dress up, right!? And ugly Christmas sweaters tops it all off for the best reason of all to have a party ;)

Shelby said...

Uh soo jealous of this! I need to do college type things. Haha Your sweater is fantastic. And that guy is huge! haha