Thursday, December 6

lessons learned the hard way


i always learn the hard way.
  • spend the extra $10 on a nice mug that has extra insulation so you avoid microwaving hot water for tea making purposes for three minutes so it lasts through physics at 8am. 
  • the people worth your time with make you worth theirs. 
  • it may not be the hipster twee coffee house, but avoiding a parking ticket because your name is  maggie and you're extremely forgetful about putting an extra quarter in for every extra hour you're there is worth going to city brew (nicknamed "shitty" brew).
  • not giving the weird boy who asked you out a chance might have been a mistake because he has really funny taste in youtube videos (but i'm still not convinced.)
  • skip the 1inch curling iron barrels or bigger. 3/4 inch make those curls last for TWO days. and that's two days of skipping 6:15am alarms to get up and shower.
  • watching the new parenthood right before my midterm wasn't worth the extra three points lost because i forgot to listen to three fifteen second clips of russian songs was not worth it. 
  • skipping classes purposefully to allow more time to get ready/review notes before a test only means pressing the snooze button more times than usual and not having time to review notes (are you sensing a theme here!?).
  • subscribing to twitter on your mobile phone when you have an iphone and have the twitter app anyways is a bad, bad idea. 
  • the bottom line is, never date someone nor be friends with someone who is too eager to be liked by everyone.
  • don't let your cat use your ponytails as his new favorite toys, they will end up soggy and frayed and completely useless to you now.
  • don't take photos at almost dark or when it's windy (or both) because it makes photos take six times as long and by the time you figure out what's wrong with the photos and teach your roommate to adjust the settings, it makes you make whiney baby faces. 
  • and for that matter, don't wear dresses that drape in the front on windy days
DSC_1069 DSC_0944 DSC_0954 DSC_1083 DSC_1079 DSC_1059 DSC_1051
dress: modcloth // shoes: forever21 // tights & scarf: urban outfitters


Jen Hsieh said...

Your shoes are fierce. This outfit is fierce. YOU are fierce.

And it's better to learn things the hard way in the long run. Also, always give the weird boy a chance. ;)

Abbey said...

I second giving weird boys chances! haha. Also, I want your wardrobe!

Shelby said...

I am for real dying over those shoes! All the sudden you turn and BAM.. instantly amazing! (Not like they weren't brilliant before) Seeing your curls makes me miss long hair! Except my hair would never do that, so I guess it is good I don't have long hair anymore. Haha
I couldn't agree with you more about never dating someone or being friends with someone that is always so focused on wanting to be like by everyone. Amen girl! Being liked by everyone means not having the freedom to be unique and different. Who wants that??

Shelby said...

p.s- sorry I always leave a freaking novel of a comment. I will try to stop doing. Haha

hannah said...

Those shoes are uberfab. Your tips for life are also uberfab. Basically, you are fab.

My Big Ex was a guy who needed to be liked by all...he was so busy with that he didn't know who he was and couldn't commit to one little thing. My fiance doesn't give a flying frack about what other people think of him and his life is devoted to us. Basically: people who know themselves know what they want and therefore know that they want you. Big lesson, wish I'd learned it at 21.


hellolyndsey said...

I love the fact that you learn from every single happening in your life. Everyone should be like this.

You look amazing doll, as always!

Jamie Rose said...

Hahaha good tips. I think I need one of those insulated cups! But just for sitting around my apartment because I tend to forget about whatever hot beverage I have and have to reheat it constantly. So annoying.
Anyway, I love your dress even though it wasn't wind friendly.Your scarf looks really nice and comfy too!

Ashlyn said...

I love the tiny edgy detail on the shoes...I'd definitely be excited to see you explore that side of your style some more! I totally agree about all the sleeping in/slacking off themes here (no judgement, just commiseration). As much as it pains me, if I don't get stuff done before I go to bed, it just ain't happenin'.

Triple Thread

Laura said...

That belt is so adorable! Also, I love that picture of you peaking out of your scarf! Great shot.


Sara said...

I love the pieces you put together for this outfit. And afterall, doesn't learning the hard way make for more interesting stories?