Tuesday, December 18

fall photography recap

I haven't posted about pictures I've taken for a long time so I thought I'd just recap the past couple months with a few of my favorite shots from a couple of my favorite fall sessions. It ended up being a busier season of pictures than I anticipated and I will see a total of ten senior portraits in my sister's yearbook this year that I took (!!!). I can't begin to explain how excited that makes me and I'm so gracious for the opportunity to have been able to take these wonderful people's portraits. I mean, I just can't believe someone would let me, let alone pay me, for something I still don't feel like I know anything about really. I can use my camera, know the buttons, but do I feel like I know what makes a good picture aside from just liking it? Nope. It's my secret little dream to take a class one of these days. To every single of one these great individuals, you made me happier than you know. DSC_0572
the first friend i ever made at college and his darling girlfriend. i have never
 laughed harder taking pictures of a couple and i couldn't love 
these two more. and i'm so, so happy for my best friend 
i've stayed close with for over two years now.
DSC_0483 DSC_0455 DSC_0587 DSC_0755WM
i think this photo wins photo of the fall. 
another one of my first friends at college, julia, asked
me to take her family portrait before her older brother moved 
out of montana. i was of course, overjoyed and felt honored to
take pictures of this incredibly good looking and incredibly
kind family. 
final_62 final_30
my sister tagged along on a shoot with one of her 
friends and it turned out to be perhaps my favorite shoot as a
whole all fall. the best shoots don't feel like a "job" 
and i think it was my most relaxed session of all time.
final_112 final_1 DSC_0232
through mutual friends, i got to meet a fellow photographer
in missoula who even asked me to assist her as a second shooter
in a wedding next summer. she was nicer than i could have
anticipated and it was a blast to just take pictures and talk about
the good (and bad) of photography.
also, she could be a model herself.
my cousin, tammilee, was on an episode in season one located
in spokane, washington. i got to make a short
detour on the way home one day to take pictures
of her and her husband. if i'm being honest,
i have a soft spot for couples photography. 
seeing people in love is just unbeatable.
DSC_0104 DSC_0219 DSC_0171 finished_94
there are good shoots and then there are shoots where
the person is so photogenic they can't take a bad picture.
seriously, madi, do you even realize how hard it was to
narrow down your pictures!? she. does. not. take. a. bad. picture.
this picture wins personal
favorite for fall portrait of the season hands down.
finished_74 finished_81
i was so excited for one of my best friends at school to tag
along on this fun shoot with two of our friends. 
both are darling and they are one attractive couple to boot.
also, how excited was i to find birch trees!?! so excited.
finished_73 finished_180 finished_73
after the best fall leaves were gone, elizabeth
and i had to drive six miles out of town to find any still left.
however, we found some, found our favorite portrait of 
the entire shoot in those leaves, and she was a smiling champ.
finished_113 finished_3 finished_27
my own baby sister (!!) let me take her senior portraits and
it was both the best and worst experience i've had taking pictures.
on one hand, she was more comfortable around me than she would
have been around a stranger, but on another, we definitely both ended up
screaming at each other in fields and arguing over what locations/outfits
we should pick for her picture.

lesson learned: just let them make every choice and treat
them as any other client. in the end, she picked the perfect
outfit/location for herself and they ended up
being my favorite.
oh, my sister. 
"sports" pictures were new to my expertise 
as well as finding a soccer field in our hometown without a horrendous
background, but in the end, these two girls were gems
and i want to frame this picture in my own apartment because
they are my second family and i hate how grown up they look.
finished_82 If you held out for that entire picture heavy post I thank you and apologize. I have a photography blog in the works and I hope you don't hate me too much for this unwarranted photo dump on my behalf.


Sara said...

I'm so impressed, you are such a natural! You do such a good job at capturing all these folks' personalities and their essence. If you lived near me I would hire you!

-Sara, Road to the Heart

Abbey said...

Great pictures, Maggie!

Anonymous said...

I love this post!:D your photography is beautiful and I don't mind the photo dumps one bit!! I do have to ask - what kind of camera do you use? lenses? I've been battling with an ancient rebel xs, trying to have him meet a few lenses he likes, and it's an uphill battle...anyway, LOVE seeing these and so glad that this is working out for you!

Laura said...

You certainly did have a quite a busy season! These all look so wonderful though! Can't wait to see what else you are working on.


Jacqueline said...

these are REALLY good! be proud!

Savannah Bradley said...

Envious. Again. Haha :) I wish you could fly to NC.

hannah said...

You are doing great with it! As a professional photographer my only suggestion would be that your photos are a *tad* too heavy on the warming filter. I would pull it back a little bit to fix up the skin tones and you'd be bang on. Beautiful work, honey! x

Lizzie said...

These all look amazing. I wished you lived in Florida or even Minnesota to take such gorgeous photos!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Love love love love love love love!!!!

That third photo with the leaves and the couple in the background? GORGEOUS. GENIUS. LOVE!

I'm seriously so proud of you Maggie! You're amazing at this! You really capture people--not just their physicality but also their personalities and I love love love that!

Bookish.Spazz said...

All of these are so beautiful! Ahhh! I can't handle it!


Charity said...

WOW! These are all so beautiful and each seems to have its own personal loveliness<3

Your photography is just wonderful.

xx Charity