Friday, November 30

about that

this week i learned that tumblr during class prompts me to take webcam shots of myself IN class (because holy cow, can you believe what i'm doing during class!?) and then promptly learn that it's a bad idea because sometimes i forget that my sound is on and the photobooth timer starts and everyone knows i'm taking a picture of myself in class. but hey, it's okay.

i operate in weeks of lots of sleep and then week's of no sleep. it alternates. and also, i can only do week's of no sleep one week at a time. this week was a no sleep week and i decided that my favorite time of the day/night was driving home past one in the morning from the library. driving at night is sort of therapeutic? when it's only you, a few street lights, and imagine dragons? so now i actually enjoy my no sleep weeks because i can experience those fifteen minutes at night driving home.

dillon described real, raw conversation that isn't forced as being refreshing and while there are a handful of metaphors that could be made, refreshing is truly the best way of describing it. i thought about that and realized my favorite friendships anymore are ones where it's exactly that: natural, unforced, easy conversation (dillon, you are included in that bee tee dubs).

sometimes i change outfits halfway through the day and when i see someone that i had a class with at 8am at night they say, "Maggie, were you wearing that today?" to which i reply, "No," and the only way I can explain myself is that I have too many clothes and I have a different shirt for every situation. Meaning, what I wore to class might not be library comfortable or going downtown for dinner appropriate. it happens almost every day. and would also explain why my room is literally just a giant closet that happens to have a bed in the middle of it. 

lastly, this outfit free week is brought to you by pre-finals midterms. so basically until december 14th i'm going to be a huge ball of cranky and complaints about having a whole lot of cramming to do. 
Photo on 11-28-12 at 12.36 PM #3 *i'm in class right now and there's a really cute boy two feet away from me face* Photo on 11-26-12 at 10.03 AM *developmental psychology face* Photo on 11-27-12 at 10.37 PM #3 *running into friends at the library faces slash taking a two second break to take a picture with the guy i hardly see anymore now that we don't live in the same dorm*


kylee said...
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kylee said...

hahahahaha maggie!!!! i am dying over that first paragraph! not only are you taking pictures in class, but people are catching you in the process! did you still pose for the camera or pretend like you didn't know what was going on? also, public selfies are always so awkward... i always want to do them but never want to get caught. i envy your ability to work in the library, i can't do it. i end up staring at all the people, listening in on conversations i wasn't invited to join, and all around avoiding my homework/studying. sucks being confined to my room for school purposes.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

HAHAHA leaving your sound on when you're trying to sneakily take a picture of yourself...classic! <3

AND I'M SO RELIEVED I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CHANGES OUTFITS THROUGH OUT THE DAY! AH! Sometimes I just don't like an outfit anymore and NEED to change!

You're the best! These next few weeks are going to suck but then we'll be on winter break soon!! :D

Nathyness said...

Omg, you are too funny. I took a year off after college to do service work and now I'm a first-year grad student. Getting my master's. Let me tell you, that year off wasn't long enough!


Shelby said...

HAHAHA! This is unreal! I am seriously dying. You are just brilliant I tell ya! It is always so refreshing to read about someone else getting themselves into awkward situations on a daily basis just like myself.

I totally know what you mean by those night drives. I would rather take a 40 minute drive home at 3 in the morning, than crash at someone's place. It really is just therapeutic.

I totally do the outfit thing too!! Luckily, I don't usually get caught. Probably because I am a hermit when I am at school, and don't socialize with ANYONE! haha

The "i'm in class right now and there's a really cute boy two feet away from my face" comment and photo... freaking story of my life i swear! haha

thanks for the laugh. finals have put me in quite the sour mood, and this post was a nice pick me up.

Mary said...

This is A+ work. A+.

Also, Kylee is hilarious? You choose good friends.

▲my• said...

I love good conversations. Dillon is a wise person. Definitely one of the reasons he's my favorite cousin, an one of my best friends ever.

I change outfits multiple times a day too! Mostly because both of my jobs have dress codes, but they're very different dress codes, and my personal style is different than my job's clothing requirements. Although, my bookstore job is much more accepting of my personal style choices than my clothing retail job.