Saturday, December 8

blazers are back

Once upon a time, I thought I hated blazers. I had a few in my closet but I hated them on me so I never even slipped one on again for five years. Then the other day, thanks to my charismatic adorable friend Kristy, we got a 40% discount at the Gap after she schmoozed her way into the friend discount by the employee there. Score! This blazer would not let me take my eyes off of it and in doing so, I was forced to buy it since never again would I be able to buy a blazer from the Gap for so cheap. So, I did. And in love again I am with blazers (although, as far as posing in them goes, I'm lost.)

Sometimes, I feel really fortunate that the only thing you ever see on my blog is what I put on it; i.e. you can't see what my closet actually looks like right now, the piles of clothes in my bathroom and scattered curling irons and straighteners thrown about on my counters, the dirty clothes buildup in my hamper, or my out of control desk littered with papers, folders, and textbooks. If it wasn't already apparent, I can be a bit of a scatterbrain. And in my most scatterbrain moments, my bedroom/bathroom/closet reflects that.  And right now I'm just really happy at least one corner of my life is tidy.

Oh, yeah. I redesigned my blog layout myself the other day. I have done two for other people now and while I'm no pro, I can do enough to be self-sufficient and support my spur of the moment blog layout anxieties. And of course, it was the polka dots that did it for me. Of course. (P.S. If you ever need blog layout help/advice let me know! I'm in business!)
DSC_0861 DSC_0849 DSC_0865 DSC_0847
blazer: the gap // blouse: jcrew // jeans: american eagle //
shoes: forever21

*Also, I feel the need to publicly thank my lovely roommate for pulling over to the side of the road when I scream "there!" at the green fence I want to take pictures by on the way home. She's the greatest.


irene wibowo said...

pretty blazer :)Irene Wibowo

Meg! said...

You look amazing in that blazer! Stop! And your layout looks so good. :D

Jamie Rose said...

I absolutely love that your socks are polka dotted too! And those shoes are awesome. I almost bought the exact same pair and had them in my hand for like a half hour while making my way through Forever 21, but then I spotted a pair of red ones with studs... so I figured I only really needed one pair of shoes that day. The sparkly ones are so cute though!
Also, the new layout looks great. I'll be redoing mine over the break, I'm sure. It always takes me a billion hours to do it. And I never can decide what I want it to look like! haha

kylee said...

you + blazers = yes. once upon a time (2+ years ago) i bought a blazer that was too big. plan was to get it altered so i could wear it. still have't altered it, never been worn, might still have the tags on it even. question, do you make the blog layout starting from a certain blogger template or do you just rock html all the way through?

k8te said...

i have always felt the same about blazers...i like them, but wasn't sure they were for me. i bought one at F21 recently though, and i'm trying to act all casual when i have it on, "oh this old thing? i wear blazers alll the time...". your new layout looks great!

Shelby said...

The green fence was a major score! I love the pop of color it adds to the photos! Uh, TOTALLY know what you mean about whatever is going on in your head reflecting into your living space. My bedroom/bathroom has been a disaster the past week. Sooo ready for school to be officially over. Only a couple of days! Totally dying over the new blog design! It is the cutest.

Laura said...

Blazers are tricky because you have to find the perfect one, or otherwise you look like my boss who hasn't bought a new blazer since 1985. This one looks fantastic on you!


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Awww! You look like a grad student Maggie (more so than I do!)! I looooooove that blazer! I really love that it isn't black, but it's still classical looking! Weee! It's gonna look so cute with skirts and dresses and more pants! :D And polka dots, polka dots, and sparkly oxfords? LOVE!


Hannah said...

You look so snazzy in your blazer and sparkly shoes.

I'm right there with you about not wanting people to see my messes.. if they knew how I treated my clothes, I don't think I'd ever have blog followers again. lol

Your layout is fantastic! Very chic & simple. What a fun skill to have learned. :)

libys11 said...

aahh you got me with those polka dotted socks!! :D cutie!! :D

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chantilly said...

ooh, i feel like i can't take my eyes off the shiny shoes!! so pretty :)

Annabelle said...

Screw blazers (okay okay, I just look odd in them) - Check those shoes out! You could do a million posts on them and it would be awesome, well and perhaps redundant but you get my drift :)