Sunday, December 2

instagram dump from november!

it's a new month! according to instagram my life looked like this:
1. sparkly shoes are the best kind of shoes if you ask me and especially when they are oxfords. but they also really hurt when you have to buy them half a size too small because they're the last at the store on sale but worth it anyways? i think so.
2. i was getting ready to hang out with one of my friends and realized halfway through curling my hair that it was having a very voluminous day. i started to panic but when it was finished, the frizz and volume ended up working and now i kind of wish my hair could do that every day.
3. over thanksgiving, i got to see my sister a lot. just like the old days, i drove her to her doctor's appointment and i had fun even if the doctor was running 45 minutes late and he ended up being the most awkward person ever. ("sophie is here with her big sister maggie today instead of her parents...")
4. sometimes i discover the best way to achieve comfortable outfits that look like you tried hard that day and then i get so excited i need to tell kylee about it. crewneck solid sweater, printed skirt, fleece lined tights, and boots win every day now. scarf optional but recommended. SO COZY. go try it... now.
5. while walking through downtown moscow i found this bike sitting unlocked outside of a shop in an alley and it was just too photogenic not to have a picture taken of it. and i'll be honest, i wondered for 0.4 seconds if the owner would notice if i rode away on it.
6. recently i've become infatuated with cool socks and it just so happens "menswear" is leaking into my closet in the shape of a lot of button downs and blazers, too. and it just so happens i follow some on instagram who come up with the best poses to showcase these socks and shirts.
1. mother nature was not nice to me last month and for a full day, i laid in bed and watched six episodes of american horror story while devouring raw cookie dough. don't you dare give me a bad time.
2. i went to my best friends' innertube water-polo game and have now decided i want to join. this is going to be disastrous but i'm kind of excited? even though i'm the worst swimmer known to man?
3. have i ever posted a picture of a food that's healthy? no. let's continue this trend. last night, we made oreo brownies. the recipe is here and the pan of brownies is already gone.
4. chai tea became my favorite drink this month after i discovered starbucks' secret. and got a free tumbler and coffee with it at starbucks. score.
5. taking pictures of my friends, another friend of mine who accompanied us took a picture of me taking a picture of them. i smile when i take pictures. it's love.
6. i already miss seattle and so badly wish elanor and i could have had more time to hang out because SHE WAS THAT COOL.
1. coffee is great but it's even better when i finally fill a punch card to redeem my free one. i'm the queen of punch cards and can't even keep them all straight in my wallet.
2. family dinners are somewhat awkward because we seem to become this dysfunctional family that can't eat a meal without embarrassing ourselves but i kind of love it anyways. my dad in sweats with holes in the rear end (yeah that happens), my sister who blushes at every word i say and is the best awkward order-er ever, my mom who pretends she doesn't know us. it's a little bit like the diner scene from little miss sunshine and i love it.
3. do you have snapchat? because if you don't, i've been told i'm pretty good at it. i can contort myself beyond recognition.
4. this shirt is all i want for christmas.
5. i spent a lot of time in the library last week and while walking to the library in a zombie state of numbness, i thought i heard rustling in the bushes behind me. at first i thought it was just my zombie brain, but then i turned around in fear of a serial killer, and saw this deer. two feet away from me. who stood still long enough for me to peel off my gloves, find my phone, and take a picture with the flash on. he still didn't move.
6. i got my bangs cut between study sessions and it was much needed. being able to SEE again is the best. also the best? my hair dresser. and free bang trims. but mostly katie, my hair dresser genius. when i graduate college, i may just have to keep coming back to missoula to get my hair done by her.


shelbyisms said...

I love your Instagram feed. It's really, really entertaining and you always have fantastic captions.

Dillon is my spirit animal. And style animal. Yep.

Natalie said...

I can't top Shelby's comment. I just can't.

Lizzie said...

You're awesome and beautiful.

Bookish.Spazz said...

What everyone else said! I love your instagram feed!

Shelby said...

Oh my word I have been OBSESSED with snapchat! Like for real. Haha My friend introduced me to it this week, and I have been hooked ever since!

Jessica said...

Sparkly shoes are seriously amazing. I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that they are legitimate footwear for adults, but he's not buying it! Alas! P.S. Your hair is so pretty!

kylee said...

we're twins. i have definitely purchased shoes that are too small (too big, too) because i couldn't say no. worst swimmer? lies. i am the worst swimmer known to man.

kylee said...

also, what is the likelihood that someone in your family is going to buy you that hipster print? i'm seriously wanting to get it for you but i don't want to double gift it you know? and maybe i just revealed my plan, but whatevs. even gifts you know about are gifts you love to get right?

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

+18 more reasons why I adore you <3

Natasha said...

You're just so pretty. Your black and white family dinner photo is awesome. "my mom acts like she doesn't know us" - HA, this is amazing.