Friday, December 21

anything could happen

DSC_0022 DSC_0027 Forget everything I might have ever said about being a summer gal. I don't recall if I actually have ever said that, but I think I've always thought I was. You know, being born in July and being made fun of my entire life for being the first person in the lake and last person out. However, today I am officially declaring that I am a WINTER GIRL through and through. And in February when I start complaining that I'm sick of the cold and drab clouds, it'll still be true. I think it's because I'm solely a "cozy" oriented person-  forget swimsuits and tshirts, sweater dresses, scarves, fleece lined tights, and hats are my thing. Piles of blankets are my thing, too, and I don't know how I ever thought I could be a summer person when all signs point to winter. My sister and I share a love for 'orange' skies at night when it's either about to snow or is snowing. My biggest issue now, of course, is realizing I'll probably never be able to live in a place that doesn't have four seasons.

So the story behind this dress is as follows: you know how the day after Christmas every single thing that was on sale just before Christmas is now marked down even further? So last year I happened to find the dress I'd been wanting but couldn't justify the $79 for on sale three days before Christmas for $49 (yes, I'm the strange girl that could tell you how much almost everything in her closet costs because she thrives on bargains). The day after ripping open all of my presents, while at the computer in my brand new dress and tights, I saw that this dress was now in clearance for $19. And with a 20% off coupon it was even cheaper. HOWEVER, and this is the kicker, it was only available two sizes bigger than my normal size and instead of shoving my debit card into my wallet, I still went for it. Full disclosure, the reviews did say to order a size up anyways, so I figured it was really only one size too big. I got it in the mail, put it on, and it's the best most versatile winter dress I own because it's a nightgown, day-in-the-library-during-finals dress, sit-in-front-of-the-fire-when-it's-20-degrees-outside-dress, and now a wear-with-your-skii-hat-that-makes-you-look-Russian dress. 
DSC_0038 DSC_0120 DSC_0117 DSC_0101 DSC_0055 DSC_0025 DSC_0011 DSC_1532
dress: urban outfitters // belt & boots: thrifted // hat: eddie bauer
// scarf: nordstroms

*thank you alaina for these pictures! sorry for the spam... she did too good of a job ;)


Jamie Rose said...

Aww you look so adorably cozy in your sweater dress and furry hat. These pictures are so wintry and pretty too. Hooray for bargains too!

Annabelle said...

Totally worth it! I usually buy clothes too big for me - um, because why are men's thermals so much cheaper than women's?! Why?!

Your dress is winter perfection and you look adorable (and Russian, it's true). Why do you need pants when you have fleece-lined tights and big comfy sweater dresses.

Z said...

Ah I love this dress on you and the story makes it even better! Great choice of location, too - something about long, wind-y roads reminds me of winter too. And I hear you - I love December since it's when you can enjoy the season without being tired of it (same reason I love May and September).

Abbey said...


katherine said...

you are so ADORABLE. i am definitely a fall/winter girl.

Beautifully Pure said...

You look adorable, your photos are perfectly exposed, and how do you always get *such* gorgeous photos!? I'm uber jealous!

Again, you look super cute! xo

Lizzie said...

Getting such versatile pieces for a bargain is one of the best feelings in the world. I wear my $5 goodwill sweater more than other things I paid more for because it goes WITH EVERYTHING.

Wish I could say I was a winter gal. It is hardly cold in Florida. Circle scarfs, boots, and hats like that are my kind of style, though. :)

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

LOVE ALL THE RED! It's my favorite color to wear! And it looks SOOOOO good on you (especially the red lips!). I can never be a Winter gal's California and there really is no winter, but I have been embracing colder wear more this season--scarves and sweaters are my new loves! I am in love with these photos too Maggie! You are gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

This is absolutely adorable. :D