Tuesday, December 4

casual tuesdays

let's get real for a minute. you've heard about my no shower weekends (only when I don't do anything, which is often if we're getting real) and my no shower thursdays (no one looks good for 8am physics anyways and OH YEAH i don't actually care). but sometimes "No Shower (*insert day*)" happens on days when i do have people to see, things to do, and lots of classes to attend. on such days, i put my head into the least graceless bun (someone please send me a link to a messy bun tutorial on youtube because every single one i've tried fails me) on the street and wear my best crew neck sweaters. today, however, i realized.. it's okay. i can do this. how do i know? because.. i'm a ruchette. so obviously i'm really stylish and stuff. and i can do anything i want. so now i'm allowed to try every trend ever, right!? RIGHT!? i'm just kidding. but one can dream. mostly i'm just going to overanalyze every item of clothing now and ask myself if it lives up to Maggie The Ruchette instead of Maggie the 6/7 Days of the Week Unfabulous. 

*kidding* i hope you all know me well enough to know i'm rarely serious, especially about myself. besides, you can't put a price on comfort and i was so cozy all day in this sweater and scarf i don't even care.

anyways, i had just about one of the most traumatizing mornings i've had in a while which included clumsily mishandling my scalding 3-minute-long-microwaved tea mug, spilling it all over my arm. instead of ripping off my shirt (the ONE time in my life i could have channeled my inner Jacob the Werewolf and it would have been completely practical), i rolled up my cotton sweater sleeve. which of course, held in the heat and burned my inner elbow skin and the whole rest of my forearm. to which i decided to run into my bathroom and then throw off my shirt and plunge my left arm into the shower blasting cold water. it wasn't really that awful, and mostly i'm telling you all this so that if ever such a circumstance arises, you will remember that i told this story and know to RIP OFF YOUR SHIRT IMMEDIATELY seeing as i can't bend my arm without wanting to cry and will only be taking cold showers for the next three days. 

other than that, i'm enjoying the first true dead week i've ever had. mostly, this means reading a lot of Enews online (i'm cable-less because I refuse to give up my daily coffee money) about Will and Kate's baby and Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' New York cohorts. sorry, Taylor, you know I love you a whole lot, but i haven't been able to listen to John Mayer in the same way since Speak Now came out and i just can't let Harry be ruined for me, too.
DSC_0747 DSC_0743 DSC_0786 DSC_0790 DSC_0768 DSC_0774
sweater: the gap // scarf & tights: urban outfitters // shoes: forever21 //
skirt: shop ruche


Michelle Lynn said...

I love that skirt! I have no shower days too, except I work a full-time job! That feeling of, "nope, not showering today, do not care" never ever goes away, even after college. You look amazing though! :)

xo Michelle

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, that skirt is suuuuper cute! Love me some polka dots. And the no shower days happen all too often for me. Oh well!

kylee said...

messy buns are all about the bobby pins. DEAD WEEK??! lucky! i have so much homework it makes me sick, which is why i'm blog stalking instead.

Abbey said...
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Abbey said...

Love the outfit! Messy buns have only started being easy for me, thanks to these hair bands. Congrats on being a ruchette!


▲my• said...

The pressed-for-time-i-think-i'll-skip-my-shower-today days happen to me all too often. It's the reason I've started showering at night. Otherwise I'd have NO TIME. And that would just be gross.

I wish I could do a messy bun. Everyone else who does them looks lovely, I look like a homeless junkie. Maybe it's the fifteen+ years of having to have a perfect ballet bun. My hair just won't do messy buns, it was trained not to.

Brae Lu said...

Wait.. what.. another fashion blogger based out of Missoula?! Girl, I'm gonna steal those shoes if I ever see you on campus.

Shelby said...

I know I already said this on Instagram, but this outfit is seriously fabulous. Your not getting ready is a lot more glamourous than my not getting ready. I have super short hair, so if I don't shower in the morning, it looks like Alfalfa did my hair.

The use of the word "unfabulous" quickly had my mind reminiscing about the fantastic nickelodeon tv show. I am hoping that is what you were thinking about. Haha if not... that is what you should be thinking about now. Just saying

Leslie (Instant Fires) said...

I've never commented on your blog before, so uhhh, hi! I loveee that skirt and those shoes and pretty much everything about this, including the wall behind you (I have a mustard problem).

- Leslie, Instant Fires

Z said...

that oversized sweater is PERFECT - I need one just like it. and I'm so glad you're so excited about Ruche! I'm so happy for you too!!!

Laura said...

That skirt is so adorable! I love the polka dots and the bow, so adorable!


hannah said...

Ha, you make me laugh. I totally have no shower days. Or at least, frack it, I am NOT washing my hair days. The secret to them is to do a two minute face (blush, mascara, bright lip) and dry shampoo. The secret to the messy bun is teasing at the crown so it doesn't look like an oil slick. There you go, tips from a very lazy girl :)

Also, that skirt is adorbs.

Carla said...

Love that skirt and sparkly shoes. Hope your arm heals soon. - Carla