Monday, December 24

merriest of christmases to all!

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i wish each and every one of you only the merriest and happiest
of christmases!

we're spending christmas with my grandma, which is kind of my favorite way to spend christmas. no one does christmas quite like my grandma (...forever the most spoiled grandchild) and if her house doesn't put me in the christmas spirit when i've quite seriously done nothing to participate in the holiday festivities, then nothing will. i felt it all of last night and most especially today as i spent all but an hour in my christmas flannel pajamas and new fair isle socks (blog friends are the best!). 

no, but really. i've slacked this year as far as christmas goes. as in, i did no christmas shopping. as in, i owe a lot of people some seriously great belated holiday gifts because i have some seriously wonderful people in my life (stop being so wonderful! i can't even compete with the love you all shower me with!). 

and as far as christmas eve goes, it was the most relaxed christmas eve to date. christmas office episodes with my parents before bed, too many sugar cookies, finishing a book in one sitting on my kindle, drinking a whole lot of hot chocolate and coffee in christmas mugs, but mostly enjoying my dad's many, many wonderful phrases and quirky sayings. and making my sister as annoyed as humanly possible with forced hugs and snuggles. and making my mom roll her eyes every three seconds. really, my family is pretty fantastic.


Lizzie said...

Merry Christmas, Maggie!! Loving the photos...such cute figurines!

Oh man, your description of your Christmas Eve is putting me in a relaxed mood. Except it's already 2 AM Christmas morning. I should probably go to bed...


sarah welsch said...

merry christmas! I hope its lovely!


Jamie Rose said...

Aw your Christmas eve sounds like it was so nice and relaxing. I'd love a day like that pretty much at any point during the year! Maybe I'll get to relax once I'm back home. Anyway. Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas day is just as nice.

Abbey said...

Relaxed Christmases are the best! Sounds like you had a marvelous one. Merry Christmas, Maggie!