Thursday, December 27

six reasons why i haven't been blogging

(1) I have been too busy Christmas shopping... on Christmas Eve. But I still have a lot left. Two days after Christmas. Although, I'm just going to pretend my procrastination is intentional since no one has figured out that everything is cheaper after Christmas. I think we should all push Christmas ahead three days unofficially. Last week's dress was $40 and now it's $10. Christmas presents galore!
(2) I've been on planes and in cars with this little sleeping beauty of a baby sister on my shoulder. Just kidding. That was only once. And it happens so few times I had to take a picture of this rare sweet moment. It's true, my sister is most affectionate when she's sleeping. That being said, I'm an airport lover and there's nothing better than the people you can watch during the Holidays. Salt Lake City airport is hands down the best, too. walkinwyoming
(3) Between Mad Men and Freaks and Geeks breaks on my new iPad mini (!!!!!), I've gotten the occasional breath of fresh air by braving the Wyoming tundra. When it's 3 degrees before windchill, you know you're in Wyoming. When your hair freezes thirty seconds within walking outside, you know you're in Wyoming. When your Great Uncle's house has more antlers hung in the living room than he does silverware in the kitchen drawers, you know you're in wyoming (unrelated but definitely relevant).
(4) I can't take these babies off (despite the fact that 94.5% of my time has been spent indoors for the last four days) and I can't possibly go take blog pictures in them outside when there's six inches of snow outside.
morning coffee
(5) I told myself I'd wane off my coffee addiction after finals were over... but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's really hard to do when your mom makes coffee at the same time every morning and sometimes brings it to you in bed. This beats Starbucks and on campus coffee every morning at school any day. I think I need to steal my mom and take her back to Montana for this reason alone.
(6) I'm too busy snapchatting... with the whole family. It's our newest form of entertainment together.

And when we aren't snapchatting, we can occasionally get
a slightly better family picture. Only slightly. Personally,
I'm almost partial to the snapchats.


Alisha said...

Blogging breaks are sometimes always necessary. And shopping is always a great excuse in my book for anything ;P

Hope you and your family had a great Christmas holiday!


kylee said...

family snapchats! my cousins, aunts, and uncles all got it on christmas day... we had a snapchat festival that night.

Hannah said...

This doesn't sound like such a bad way to spend Christmas break! I hope it continues in such an entertaining fashion. :)

Shawnee said...

good for you! enjoy the holidays:) your hair looks gorgeous with your bangs swept to the side as well! xo

Z said...

Haha these seem like the best ways to be not-blogging! I hear you on the sales- my mom and I went crazy at our local mall yesterday. Came back with a HUGE haul and I am a happy clam since I finally got well as about a million other things I don't need.

Natalie said...

It looks/sounds like you had such a wonderful Christmas! ISN'T FREAKS AND GEEKS THE BEST. Also, those boots.

studiomaison said...

great reasons! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!


Jennifer said...

That all sounds lovely--I have recently followed you on Instagram/Twitter, though so I knew some of this. Ha.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.