Monday, December 17

late to the chambray train!

Earlier this week, one of my friends texted me a screenshot of something she'd seen online that a couple months ago, probably would have made my stomach drop. However, did I feel the need to punch someone? Or cry? Or tell someone how mad I was? Nope. None of the above happened. I laughed. And then I felt mildly sick to my stomach because it was gross. And then I felt bad for them, that they'd turned into that person. And then I promptly forgot about it, not to bother me, not to reel in my mind until I told someone about it and could rant in long texts about it. 

And it was the most victorious feeling to feel in months. 

Aside from that, I'm just enjoying being home and frantically trying to deicde what I'm going to do to make these 6 weeks productive. Two winters ago, I learned to crochet on Youtube (which I talked about here but let's not go into what I used to wear back then okay?) and last winter break I ran every single day. Maybe I'll finally teach myself to sew? Maybe get a lot of writing accomplished? Learn to cook? Set the record for most tv series watched in a one month span? I need a new hobby, everyone! Throw them my way! 

I'm glad it's not quite the end of the year yet because I'm not ready for that post that I know I'll write because, well, I always do write sappy end of the year posts. Just going through the archives a minute ago I read things from a year ago that break my heart now. At the very least, I will be able to say that I am so proud of myself right now. 

Thank you to my baby sister for taking outfit photos for me today. I pulled out my chambray top today before I send it over to Sydney so she will fall in love with chambray and realize she, too, needs to spend $14.80 on one. I mean, it even allowed me to wear my summer skirt I convinced myself I just had to bring back home for break because I'd find a way to wear it. There is reason to my madness!
DSC_1278 DSC_1283 DSC_1274 DSC_1285 DSC_1284


Jessica said...

This is such an adorable, easy look! I love the floral skirt, and, of course, chambray shirt. I am probably going to write a sappy end of year post too. I love reading those...It's interesting to see what other people have done and what lives they've been living.....-Jessica L

Jen Hsieh said...

Stop it with your perfect curls (or show me your way). Or you can come to NYC and curl my hair for me since I can never manage perfect curls ever since I cut my hair shorter. You look so lovely in this outfit though - I love how chambray really has become such a "fashion blogger" thing to do but you make it your own. :)

Have an amazing time at home and I can't wait to see how you spend your time (aka I'll be watching TV series).

shelbyisms said...

Since working in an office requires me to wear business casual clothing, and I'm not a friend of separates, I wear a LOT of button ups and my chambray shirt (from F21 that I got for $15- wish I had the Madewell one though [my boobs are way too big for it :(]) is my favorite go-to.


I'm exercising a lot and eating healthy with Sam, and we're finishing all of our furniture. Feels good, man.

Sydney said...

MAGGIE, you look like a BABY in that old post. So young!! Ahhhhh!!! Anyway. I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE CHAMBRAY. And you are beautiful.

hannah said...

Love this outfit, you look really cute. I am happy that you are able to let whatever could upset you pass you by x

Jamie Rose said...

I think I'd jump on the set-a-record-for-most-tv-series-watched train. I always feel like there's not even enough time over the break to do much of anything or get anything substantial done. Oh well!
Anyway, you did a great job styling your summery floral skirt for the cool weather. The chambray top is perfect with it and I love those boots too.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

you're adorable! i miss you! text me!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

you're adorable! i miss you! text me!

Elanor said...

Oh ho ho I've been looking at my archives and becoming all sentimental and stuff lately too. My end of the year post will probably be somewhat sappy haha.

You look so lady like and lovely. :) I see nothing wrong with wearing a pretty floral skirt in the winter! haha

xoxoxo Elanor

Marlen said...

Oh you're so productive during break! I remember when I was still in college I'd take the break as an opportunity to turn into a sloth and not budge from the couch- so more power to you ;) And i LOVE your outfit- you look so, so pretty. I love chambray with florals!

Sara said...

TEACH YOURSELF TO SEW! I'll help you!!

Most importantly, enjoy your 6 week break! I'm two years out of college and there is no such thing anymore!

-Sara, Road to the Heart

Laura said...

I love your skirt! I really need to pair my chambray with some floral.

Have a good break!


sometimesztakespictures said...

Womps I've missed the chambray train as a long shot, it seems (seams? okay puns are done.) I hear you about the end of the year posts though - I feel like I have SO MUCH from this year to go back and recap, some that I didn't even get a chance to blog about (my blog was born in may...awkward in-between)so I don't know how I'll tackle that. But hey, the world's supposed to end in a few days anyway so it's all the same I suppose.

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh, i do love your hair dear! such a lovely style.

lindsey louise

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Your hair literally blows me away in every single post.

Savannah Bradley said...

You're so gorgeous! I become more envious of your ombré hair with every new post...

I may be a little selfish in suggesting this BUT you should make a list of photographs that you want to take in the next six weeks. You could build your portfolio and we would get to see your lovely photographs! :)

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said... that you've styled that skirt twice and perfectly, I kinda wish I didn't give it to you ahahaha! Jk! I love that skirt on you and I'm truly glad that it has a better home! It looks so good with chambray and brown boots!

And it's obvious to me that you should spend your six weeks here in CA :) At least for part of it???

Shelby said...

Seriously girl! Stop wearing the cutest outfits on the planet! Okay, don't stop but for real... always perfect. As for the screen shot you received.. pretty sure I know what that means, and definitely been there.