Tuesday, May 28

reasons why I probably won't want to go back to Montana

Like, ever.

1. I thought public transportation was good for people watching and conversation overhearing. Wrong. I have seen and heard far more interesting conversations in Seattle. Alleged affairs between Mother's and soccer coaches. People with hot pink hair and partially shaved heads so the pink just kind of sits on one side like, "Sup, bald side?" It's good stuff. Today on the bus a darling little man was talking to a woman holding the biggest bouquet of flowers I've ever seen (have I mentioned that I have NEVER gotten flowers in my life) and said to her, "Well, this weekend was our anniversary so we made out and watched movies all weekend. 60 going on 16." I died and went to Heaven.

2. The food. Excuse me while I think about trying new food and expand new horizons because I honestly have almost gotten ran over mid sniff in the middle of the street. Also, I have had the best crepes in my life, best cookies, best soups, best lemon poppyseed muffins- and I know this is only hardly scratching the surface of what I should be enjoying. So. We'll get there. I'll explore.

3. I can walk outside my office and realize, OH HEY, I'm in the middle of downtown Seattle where most people in Montana go for a *vacation*. I'm here, everyone! I'm in freaking Seattle, Washington! Hub of the Pacific Northwest! I'm where all the action is at!

4. Everything isn't only just accepted here, but celebrated. Individuality is worth a festival over the weekend, a compliment on the street, a few minutes of your time and dollars if you will for a live acoustic show on 1st Ave and Pike, and more. I have so much seeing to do and observing. But my favorite thing, hands down, is that everyone is happy and free to be who they are and I'm convinced the more unique you are, the more loved you will be.


Elizaveta K. said...

i invite u to me:)

Meg! said...

Haha yeah Montana is about as interesting as... well, as a fucking backwater state where the coolest city is Missoula. Great to grow up there, but I will NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER live there again. You'd have to drag me there forcefully. Even Salt Lake is better.

Natalie said...


Dillon said...


Also, the last one: so accurate and I love it because of that.

lazy explorers said...

Oh my! The old man!!!! Hahahaha. I'm dying.

Shelby said...

i love this. i can't even begin to explain how lucky you are. i would kill to live someplace like seattle. i am all for places that accept people that are unique and don't follow the norm.

p.s- that old man... basically the cutest thing i have EVER heard.