Tuesday, May 21

day one

I made it. I am officially a city living girl. Except, not really, because I'm living in suburbia out of the city, but the city is mere minutes away and I'm on my own to figure this whole thing out.

There's something I really, really love about a new place. About finding new "places" that are your own, about navigating a new world, about observing new people you have never met before let alone ever seen, and about finding your own way through it all. It's exciting and challenging and every little thing feels like an accomplishment. It's especially victorious when you make it to the bank even though there isn't enough cell service to use an iPhone app so you are forced to ask a kind lady on the street you end up having a fifteen minute conversation with.

Considering this is the first time I've ever lived truly alone, the realization when I wake up in the morning and can do everything that day in the order I want to do it, is spectacular. I don't start work until Thursday and the little voice in my head told me that I should get out of bed at 10am this morning because anything later was just unacceptable, you know? And then I was like, who am I kidding? I'm exhausted and there is no one here to tell me not to sleep in any later, so I kept sleeping. I rolled out of bed at noon to make breakfast and immediately after making pancakes, I didn't do the dishes. I waited until lunch to do them because no one was going to be annoyed by them hanging out innocently in the sink. I spent far too long singing at the top of my lungs getting dressed to venture out into town and then when I got back, had a snack before putting the groceries away because leaving them on the counter wasn't going to hurt anyone.

This living alone thing, man, it rocks.

The things I didn't do despite accomplishing running three errands in town and navigating the area a bit included: showering and unpacking.

But there's no one to tell me to move my suitcases out of the doorway, either. So that might just wait until tomorrow.

I survived my first day! So have a Red Vine on me, please. Because I didn't buy any. Because if I can eat a one pound bag in two days with a roommate watching, Lord knows how fast I would consume them without anyone watching. finished finished_3finished_1finished_11finished_10 finished_6
outfit photos were NOT done because though it took me 20 minutes to get dressed,
i spent no time on my face and/or hair.


Megan Elise said...

What area of Seattle are you living? I live on Capitol Hill!

carly said...

i was just up in the city today! looks about right for our weirdo sun/rain weather lately. but really, welcome to the beautiful northwest living :)

Meg! said...


Lizzie said...

This was a fantastic post and I can totally relate! I'm getting a suitemate on the 1st, but until then, I'm on my own. So I may or may not have stayed up well until 4 am talking to a friend on the phone. Who was I going to bother?

I also have not showered. I should probably do that soon...

Congrats on making the move and enjoy finding new "places." Again, I totally understand what you mean.

Autumn said...

I feel totally out of the loop because I haven't been on blogs lately. Did you transfer, are you interning, or is this just a summer move?

kylee said...

i am sooooo excited to read your seattle posts!

Shawnee said...


I'm considering living alone in the fall and this makes me want to even more.