Wednesday, May 15

finals happy week things that take less than three minutes

During finals week, I have to do small little things to perk myself up. Have to. And they can't take up more than a few minutes of my time because there's no time for much else, especially when you're a clothes hoarder and junk collector and have to move out of your apartment during finals week so you can move to Seattle.

My Finals Week in under 3 Minutes Happy List:
(one) Eating a spoonful of peanut butter on my way out the door. Instant and glorious gratification. 
(two) Taking a long route on my way to school to fit an extra jam session in the car with the music turned up a few notches louder. This improves my mood drastically and is probably the biggest boost of them all.
(three) Looking at my harddrive of pictures from my trips to Seattle and realizing it will be my home for three and a half months in days. Motivation instantly provided.
(four) A quick phone call with anyone in my family that will answer. My dad's weird voices are the best when it comes to needing a solid three minute laugh.
(five) Writing "I HATE MY LIFE" in all caps on a page in my journal. Untrue and extremely dramatic, and yet, it feels better at the same time? 
(six) Reading a good soul touching article on Thought Catalogue. 
(seven) Coffee. Coffee coffee coffee. Without ordering "non-fat". Because it's finals week.


Jennifer said...

I do the spoonful of peanut butter thing all the time, no matter what kind of state of mind I have going on. No shame.

Good luck on your finals! x

Ali Hval said...

Hahaha, I love love LOVE number five. Sometimes you just have to write things down and then hide it from the world. I like to type out angry Tumblr things and then delete it after I type it out. Release that anger!!

Goood luck with those finals. You'll do rad!

Jul said...

This will make me sound like a stalker, but I really love reading about your life, especially the little, daily things like the ones you listed in this post :)
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