Sunday, May 12

what my sunday morning looked like that ONE time

Last weekend, when I had the whole apartment to myself- well, by golly! I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes and a homemade mocha, then sat myself down at the table with none other than our kitty cat. However, I couldn't take pictures of the things behind the scenes that would have spoiled the illusion that my life is actually this pretty once in a blue moon. Not because I cared about ruining that illusion and seem like a normal lazy twenty year old college student, but because it wouldn't have made it past parental controls on your web browser if you happened to have them. The true beauty of this scene and this morning was the pantless One Direction singing at the top of my lungs, messy living room scattered with notes, and raccoon eyes because I just do not care to take off my makeup before bed sometimes. Or before making breakfast.

However, let me tell you: when I have guests over, I like to treat them right. Someone please vouche for me (Katy!?). I like to make them chocolate chip pancakes and introduce them to my cat. And these days I've gotten pretty okay at using the whole espresso maker. So, if you were to visit me, your morning would look like this and that would be beautiful.

But if it's me alone, there's a lot more to be seen. I just thought I needed to clarify that so there isn't any confusion. My pancakes are scrumptious and as good as they photograph, however.
DSC_0329 DSC_0337 DSC_0349


char said...

Yum those pancakes look great!

becca said...

such a happy morning scene!
those pancakes sound amazing.

Z said...

homemade mocha!? do tell???

Z said...

homemade mocha!? do tell???

Mary said...

Your candidness, honesty, forthrightness is what makes you so endearing and attractive. You're so real, and I love it.

carly said...

i so wish i could have more mornings like this one. there's just something so glorious about that once in a blue moon not having a care about pants/make up/bralessness as you eat a breakfast with one of the most important members of the food pyramid (chocolate) and throw a dance party in the kitchen. those mornings are to live for.