Saturday, May 4

could blog, wanna blog, should blog, won't blog

So much happened this week that every time I sat down to blog about it, something new happened so I decided to let those things that happened finish before I blogged about it. And then another thing happened on top of it so as you've figured out, I just never ended up blogging about anything. Not that this is a huge upset for you, as it mostly means I will not look back through my archives in a year and remember the week my car broke down again, the night I stayed up until 3am on a school night not studying, more date stories I can't even begin to talk about, and the day in which Downton Abbey became my life. I didn't even journal. And now everything has happened and it's not as exciting to me now as it was while it was happening. Maybe that's for the best, though. I spared posts of me complaining about something that ended up just fine, embarrassment, and incriminating stories about figuring out more flaws in the general hipster persona.

I'm still sticking with what I have decided about hipsters, though- there are good ones, it just takes a whole lot of sifting through the masses to get one that isn't just nice, but makes me laugh, isn't just funny but also nice, and isn't arrogant but still possess some shred of self confidence. So. 

Despite all of that, let's for one second not mistake that all for thinking my life is remotely exciting because I did spend most of the week in bed without pants on with my laptop, Downton Abbey, and the short story that is both my baby and enemy. That's basically the dreamiest way to spend time and once I am absorbed into my sheets, I will make every excuse in the book not to be social or leave for any reason at all. 

THANK YOU for your support and kind words about Seattle! I didn't even think to say that if anyone lives in or around Seattle and knows of lots of fun (and cheap!) things to do, please let me know so I can send you an email! Or, you know, if you want to hang out because that'd be pretty snazzy, too. 

Meanwhile, I've spent enough time saying almost nothing about nothing, and I need to save my writing powers for this short story. I'm telling you. It is the death of me and also the life of me that I do it the way I need it to be written. 
photo (18)
a favorite kind of friend came to visit me on her trek across the country 
and of course i abused my right to show her my favorite places in missoula
by eating a lot of food.
photo (19)
self explanatory but the most damage done was my bank account.
and you know, that's fixable.
alright so i don't know the guy in this picture OR the girl who took a photo of it,
but i saw this kid on campus and seriously tried to sneak a picture
instead of doing the brave and noble thing by asking if i could actually do it.
i'm so glad kristinep_photo did and that i found this randomly
while cruisin' the #missoula hashtag. but yes, ladies and gents. 
this happened on my campus. 
i think i should go for zombie and cowboy hat wearing missoulians
instead of hipsters now?
Photo on 5-1-13 at 9.38 PM #2
writing. writing. writing.
or... dying?


shelbyisms said...

I'm wearing my graduation dress and I have red lipstick on and I am FIERCE and you should know.

Poor car :(

Madeline Joy said...

u r a b a b e

Lizzie said...

This post just makes me want to shout "wooo!!" and it also acts as a catalyst for me to get more writing done, too.

Take care.

Mary said...

I haven't commented in a while. But I'm still reading. And enjoying.

Also, please do share more of your date stories? We don't judge. Ever.

Meg! said...

Oh my god cowboy zombie guy is AMAZING.

Natalie said...


While I am sorry about the car problems (sad face), I very much envy your pantless Downton Abbey-ing. TEXT WHEN WHEN YOU GET TO THAT EPISODE THAT I KNOW YOU WILL KNOW AFTER YOU WATCH IT and then I will freak out with you.

▲my• said...


Jul said...

Good luck with your short story! I like to write too and I can totally understand the contrasting feelings that you have towards it.
Also, that guy is amazing :)

kylee said...

i love that blog title. "and now everything has happened and it's not as exciting to me now as it was while it was happening." i feel like that line is beautiful and sad at the same time. there is something to say about documenting in the moment, but also something to say about documenting after the fact... when you have more clarity on the issue. depends on the situation of course, but the clarity worked out for me and blogging about my latest date. i'm so glad i waited and wrote it this way. maybe the same thing will end up happening to you! or maybe those stories will just be better untold and unremembered. you do red lipstick SO good.