Sunday, May 26

blackbird bakery: where i found love

Today, completely by chance and most unexpectedly, I found the best cookie I have ever or will ever eat. I mean it. I didn't even choose this location nor did I actually plan on eating due to the fact that I had a whole bowl of cereal in the morning to start my day which just goes to show that this cookie was meant to find me. I'm lucky in that I have family in Seattle and that they're adventurous enough to embark on a Bainbridge Island adventure with me but also that they are vegan and chose the only vegan bakery on the island to eat at. Which, as you can probably assume, is where this cookie came into my life.


After only a week here, I just have a couple of questions that have ran through my mind at least once a day. One: how does anyone stay skinny here when there is so much food? (answer: the hills). Two: how does anyone afford to eat here? (the jury is out on this one). Three: how does a city have so much good food!? (answer: I'm in a city and this is actually a normal thing in a city).


So we all walked into Blackbird Bakery together which was stuffed with people- tourists (apparent by Nikons around their necks), locals (dreads and/or Danskos), and vegans (us, apparent by the hovering near the shelf of vegan only food). Still wasn't planning on eating. Get up to the cash register where the cookies are conveniently located and I thought, well. Why not? I'll walk seven miles in the city tomorrow anyways like usual and it's not on my bill. 

The cashier asks me which kind I'd like, pointing to several different types, and leaves the best for last saying, "Our most popular Super Chunk cookie?" to which I didn't even hesitate  I'm doing this thing nowadays where I don't even ask what's in something before I order it, I just look at the food for 0.37 seconds and let my initial gut make the choice. 

So what is the Super Chunk cookie? Fudge chocolate baked to precision so it's both slightly crunchy on the outside covered in little crumbs that somehow add a certain element of texture that's savory, white chocolate chips inside in addition to scattered fudge chunks, and a not quite gooey but squishy inside. I ate this thing in mere seconds. It's actually miraculous that I considered taking a picture of it before I ate it because I had no expectations going into my first bite. I've had cookies before, I thought. 

No, Maggie, you really hadn't.

And to everyone that might happen to come to Seattle: you need to make the trip to Bainbridge Island just for this cookie. It is worth the $7.50 walk on ticket and trek across downtown to taste it. Also, apparently you can buy them in bulk freshly made.
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Z said...

wow that cookie sounds AMAZING. so glad you guys had a nice day out!

GretchTM said...

That cookies looks and sounds amazing!!

Natalie said...


Send me one?! No, don't. But. Still.

Michelle said...

Damn it now I feel like a cookie! Sounds delicious :)

kylee said...

mail me one of those cookies. let's go to new york and i'll show you the best cookie in the world (no joke). ahh maggie we neeeed to go to nyc! the food there is unreal. i've never had better experiences with eating out than i did in new york.