Monday, May 13

sometimes, it's just the little things that are the big ones

The longest day of my no-longer-pre-med life occurred today. Remnants of my pre-med past want to hit myself over the head with a frying pan but present non-pre-med me wants to cry. Granted, the part of me that wants to cry wants to cry because it is a genetics final I am cramming a semester's worth of information into one day for, but nonetheless, it was the hardest day of the semester.

But in all honesty, it makes me realize I am definitely doing the right thing these days. Because! I am just not that good at human biology. Poorly structured class or not, it's just not my thing. Writing is my thing because I love it and I can do it without wanting to completely off myself. Human biology, however, is not my thing. I don't love it and I definitely warped into a super dramatic version of myself tonight in the text's I sent to people complaining about how hard and horrible it was. And if today had been my last day on earth, I kind of think that the way I spent it studying for a genetics test is the very last way I would have wanted to spend it. Ethics? Sure. Lit? Sure. But genetics? Absolutely not.

Two good things happened today, though. Two good things that would have made today, if it had been the last day that I lived, an acceptable pass. And not because of what I was doing but rather that one of my favorite people said something small and probably not meant to be so funny but made me laugh for hours. And then at lunch, she allowed me to take this picture of her and post it on Instagram. Then there's sitting back after taking it and the reminder that to see this amazing person I get to call a friend doing what she loves with so much passion and excelling GREATLY is truly something else. It's inspiring. And if not for her, I probably wouldn't have realized that human biology was absolutely not what I loved. I'm so glad my homework every night involves something I love as much as she loves anatomy and physiology. 

"I listened to the Mulan soundtrack on my way to school today and it was the most inspiring bike ride of my life."
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You rock my world.


Brissa said...

you were pre-med?!?!?!!!!!
i wanted to be a doctor up until I actually started college. STOP BEING MY TWIN!!!

Nicola said...

I love you. Like lots. Keep going, be strong. You are awesome.

Meg! said...

You guys are at The Bridge. I fucking hate you.

kylee said...

uh yep. went to school to be a nurse, started the science classes, changed my mind.