Friday, May 24

"oh, you're a commuter girl!"

Yes, yes. I am that. I am a "commuter" girl now, as a co-worker pointed out when he asked where I was living this summer. I am a girl who drives to a park and ride, gets on a bus, boards a ferry, and walks to work. And in the span of three days, I've experienced more public transportation than I ever have in my life combined. And I like to think that because someone mistook me for a local today that obviously means I must have the system DOWN. Right?

Last night I almost thought I was in over my head with the whole thing. The constant crowd of people on the streets even at 8pm on a Thursday, the amount of time it takes to get places and amount of scheduling that must be done to get where you need to be, the noise, the traffic, the sketchier people under tunnels and really just everywhere- I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. It was sensory overload like I'd never felt. Granted, I also had underestimated my hunger so that by the time my first shift of work was ending, I realized my blood sugar was borderline to the emotional-about-everything stage.

But seriously, this is all so new. It's all so very good, though, and I can feel myself molding as I absorb it all. I started my job yesterday and wasn't late and managed to iron my clothes properly before arriving. I have my own corner of the office with a computer and the entire office has windows on all sides that looks down out into downtown Seattle. I met every person in the office yesterday and they were all so kind and enthusiastic. I'll find out more next week what my real duties at my internship will be so I'll have more to say on that later. However, I am truly excited about all that I'm going to get to do with such inspiring people who all come from different backgrounds and share similar passions.

After getting home last night at 10pm, I woke up early this morning to venture a few cities away from Seattle to hang out with Dillon. I went to Ikea for the first time, ate at Ikea for the first time, and had much needed caffeine before getting back on the Lightrail to get to Seattle so I could make a ferry. However, and this was maybe my favorite thing to happen so far in Seattle, I missed my ferry entirely so I spent the late afternoon by myself meandering downtown Seattle alone. I whipped out my camera and took a few pictures. The sun came out and for that hour it seemed like the city slowed down a bit on a Friday afternoon. It was glorious.

It's absolutely incredible to be in the middle of everything all the time and that's probably the most shocking part of this entire experience; to be in the middle of such a culturally strong city. I don't feel like I am becoming a brand new person from it all, rather, I feel like I'm adding to myself and that's what will happen while I'm here. I'm seeing and experiencing so many things I haven't before, or at least, seeing them celebrated like I've never seen. Between figuring out the city and navigating it all with a full time internship and enjoying all that it has to offer, I'm drooling over how good it all is and good life is going to be for the next few months. finished_12 finished_6 finished_11 finished finished_9 finished_8 finished_5


Natalie said...

YOU WENT TO TARGET. Of course. I wouldn't expect anything otherwise. :) But ah, seriously, this all sounds so fantastic to me. You've only been there a little while and already it seems like you're starting to find your way around Seattle, so basically soon enough you will be just like one of the locals. Gah, only a little bit jealous that you get to spend the whole summer in probably my favorite city I've had the chance to visit!

lina said...

maggie i'm so behind in reading your blog! you are living in seattle now?? how awesome! & i want to know more about the internship. sounds great!

Meg! said...

I love Seattle so much. It's so much faster-paced and has a much more urban feel than Portland, even though they're comparable in terms of population. Man this makes me want to live there so badly! I'm so happy for you though, you'll never forget these first days there, and it's only gonna get better. x

shelbyisms said...

Lucky shoes.

▲my• said...

Mega-Jealous. Love Seattle so much.
Also, I love that photo of you and Dillon.

kylee said...

"I can feel myself molding as I absorb it all." "I don't feel like I am becoming a brand new person from it all, rather, I feel like I'm adding to myself " these are the kind of lines that makes me gasp because the words are so beautiful and the meaning is so full of purpose. this is why you should keep writing. i've still never eaten at ikea but i hear the cinnamon rolls are to die for. camera question... do you just wear it around your neck or do you have a camera bag? too bad we can't shrink those suckers down and keep them safe in our pockets.