Thursday, November 8

everything has changed

remember when i realized dresses and i had never really broken up, i'd just fallen out of love with florals? well, folks. i think i was wrong... again. because i'm all for this dress. i realize now maybe it was how i was styling them. and maybe i was getting tired of feeling like a four year old when i wore them. and maybe this new hair makes even floral a little less girly. who knows?

i love realizing that everything happening right now feels like it's happening how it was supposed to. i love that i've come into myself and figured out what makes me happy. a friend told me the other day that he thought i seemed adventurous and while i've always love adventure, it struck me that i finally feel like i am becoming the person i want to be. i want to travel and go on crazy trips that take more time to get to than i'm even there for. i am in this point in my life where i just want to see every single thing i can, meet every person i can, and do everything i've always wanted to do. not later, not in a few years, but right now. i think that i would have become this person i am today regardless, but i had the tendency over the past year to tell myself that i would get to everything else eventually. i'd study abroad someday, i'd try new hobbies eventually, and i'd figure what i truly wanted to do later. instead, it's all happening right now and i'm so excited about the future. i'm sorry if this is a dead beaten horse on my blog anymore but i just can't get enough of this thirst to be everything i can right now and push myself.

i went to the mall here two days ago with a friend who specifically needed to get a pair of tights from the gap. now, in seattle i found nothing i really wanted except for cool socks, but in missoula i somehow found myself making a christmas list ten items long. THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

somehow i'm on a lucky streak at starbucks where i've only paid for two of my drinks in the past two months. today i went to buy tea to make myself chai tea lattes every morning, got suckered into buying one of their holiday cups (i mean, i did ruin my previous one in the dish washer...), and because i just couldn't wait until i got home to make one, ordered a chai tea latte. the order rang up as $24.80... and yet with one wink of the male employee, i was only charged for the tea tumbler and he gave me my drink and tea for free? it made my week.

i'm heading home for the long weekend because i was able to book enough work to make the trip worth it and i am almost peeing my pants at the thought of possibly driving in the snow storm that may or may not hit. here's to hoping my subaru does me well!
DSC_0074DSC_0064DSC_0061 DSC_0054 DSC_0086 DSC_0066 DSC_0081
dress: lulus // tights: gap // shoes: thrifted // scarf: nordstroms


Anna Nuttall said...

Hi Maggie, that dress look gorgeous on, i have something similar, every time i wear it i'm told i look like a librarian.

Abbey said...

You look beautiful, Maggie!! I love that dress, and your hair stands out so much in these photos (in a great way, of course)! It's so cool you're getting into taking portraits- I'm jealous!! I need to start getting out there more- thanks for the inspiration. :)

kylee said...

that dress works so well with those tights.

hellolyndsey said...

haahah! you have a crusher at starbucks.. BEST THING EVER. is he cute?!! does that even matter!? hahah. that's so sweet and makes me giggle :).
I LOOOOOOOVE your style so much maggie gahhh. you get more amazing every day (if that's even possible to be the amazingness you already are!) say wuuuuttt
I hope the trip goes well, praying praying praying that you won't go through a terrible snow storm (but maybe just a teeny awesome one that you pull off the road and take amazing pictures in?) ;)

I'm off to find some boots like that, pronto. haha!

lyndsey of A Beautiful Life

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Such a pretty mix, love that floral in winter.
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

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Girl and Closet said...

Aw, so great to know things are going well for you Maggie! You deserve it - you're such a sweetheart!! And yay, this is the best dress ever + you styled it beautifully!! xo V

Meg! said...

Oh, Missoula!! What a gorgeous town. I miss it occasionally... especially what with that gorgeous winter weather. And seriously W T F how do you get free drinks constantly??? You must be the nicest person in real life because I NEVER get free shit! Okay one time I did but only b/c I knew the kid liked me and I went into the Costa every day for a week and flirted with him and finally he gave me a free latte but then he asked me out and I had to reject him so it was kind of a backfired plan. :| LONG STORY SHORT I can't get free stuff without it fucking up somehow hahaha! Anyway your posts make me so happy and inspired; I'm so glad you're coming into your own and doing the things that you want to do! That is truly amazing.

becca said...

work that floral, girl!
apparently it gets you free stuff.

ha ha. love this story.

Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome outfit! I love the dress:)

Talia Candler said...

Taking trips? Yes, let's do it. NYC next summer so we can scope out neighborhoods where we can live and be poor and happy.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

I just adore every.single.thing. about you. Always and forever.

libys11 said...

this is just beautiful!!! you always rock florals so well!! :D

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Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

You can never ever go wrong with florals and brown boots :) All that you're feeling about becoming the person you want to be is all that I'm feeling right now too. I really hope one of your "crazy trips" will be out to California in January because that would just be the best thing ever! I'm seriously so excited for all that's going on in your life right now Maggie, ESPECIALLY the free Starbucks. <3