Monday, November 26

on mondays, i wear jeans

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Remember when I thought I had nailed the whole "tripod" thing? Turns out, that was a fluke because the last nineteen times I've tried, I've failed. However, I have an amazing and talented friend who urged me that I could do it and continued to repeat the exact same advice over and over again. Finally, today, in the freezing cold, I tried again. And I debunked my problem! Yay! They're still a bit dim but HEY at least I'm not a fuzzy shape, am I right?

My semester is over in exactly FOURTEEN days and I can't believe it. I got out my Taylor Swift, Michael Buble, and She & Him Christmas CD's the very day after Thanksgiving and I'm in the equivalent of Maggie heaven. It doesn't feel like it should be Christmas let alone the end of the semester already but nonetheless, winter is and always has been my season.

I realized that I rarely end up ever blogging on days that I wear regular denim so today I made a point to do just that. It's a little strange, even for me. I got this shirt at an adorable boutique in Missoula (rarely found together in the same sentence) after going to the mall three times in one week just to look at it. When I finally went back to buy it, the lady working behind the desk complimented what I was wearing and asked if I was interested in applying for a job there.

Aside from that, my Monday was nothing if not a Monday in Maggie style: turning in a project I started at 10pm the night before, walking into the men's restroom and catching a guy using the urinal by surprise, paying for my chai tea latte in all change, and staring at hot mens' butts on tumblr during class. It happens.

P.S. I decided I was over bows a million years ago but I realized today I don't have an opinion yet on pinning large flowers in my hair. Let's pretend it works anyways.
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top: apricot lane // jeans: american eagle // boots: forever21 //
flower: shop ruche


Abbey said...

I love the red on you! You have a great monday routine if it includes hot men's butts.

Jamie Rose said...

Your Monday sounds like it was quite eventful! Walking into the men's bathroom is a personal favorite of mine.
Also that top you bought is so cute. I love how perfectly it matches the flower in your hair. The color is gorgeous on you too!

Ashlyn said...

I've gotten totally spoiled by having my boyfriend help me out with all my outfit pictures lately (how stereotypical fashion blogger of me), but I had been working with a tripod for years before that. I find it's best to have an object that you focus on in the frame (like a handbag or something you can grab and pose with) before you set off your self timer. This makes sure that you're always in focus and it helped me SO much. Also, a good investment might be a remote which should help your camera focus even when you are posing. Hopefully the unsolicited advice helps, and feel free to email me any time with more tripod questions.

Triple Thread

Meg! said...


kylee said...

she & him christmas!! you need the sufjan stevens album too! compliments and job offers at a boutique?! i LOVE that. it also reminds me of that day we got compliments from the anthro workers AND nordstrom workers. said...

love the red!

Laura said...

I love this shirt so much; the color looks amazing on you! Have a great end to your semester. :)