Tuesday, November 13

channeling my inner kate

sometimes, when i'm in a clothing rut, i don't feel very "me", and nothing in my closet seems to look good thrown together, i simply put something on without more than two seconds of thought and then look in the mirror and ask myself, would kate morrison wear this? if it's a maybe, i'll wear it. if it's a no, it gets thrown back into the pile of clothes on my bed where all the other discards lie. it's rarely an absolute YES because let's be honest, no one else does the kate morrison look like kate herself. she is and always will be perhaps my favorite style blogger, the one who always looks so put together, feminine but still polished with an edge, and effortless. HOW DO YOU DO IT, KATE?

when i put this on today, i said, shorts? really maggie? all black, really maggie? all black doesn't really happen around here. and it did today. i can't really say that i would see kate donning this entire outfit but hey, channeling the studded boots mixed with sweet collared top seemed appropriately kate. i got this shirt at forever21 and it was one of those shirts that caught my eye and didn't let go until it was in my shopping cart two weeks later.

i spent all day doing almost nothing. instead of finishing my paper about iHop, i went to iHop itself for research purposes. and that was the end of that. i spent four hours on a physics assignment that should have taken a quarter of that if not for youtube breaks, facebook stalking, and twitter sprees. it happens to all of us. i bought chai tea again even though i bought myself the actual tea mix so i could make it at home. i was going to get dressed and run a brush through my hair to take outfit photos, but at two pm i was still in my flannel pj set (LET'S REJOICE THAT FLANNEL SEASON HAS ARRIVED FOR A SECOND, SHALL WE?). sometimes, "nothing" days are the best kind of days. tomorrow i'll be productive. and i'm not just saying that. i have to be, because at that point it'll be straight up procrastination cramming.

i did write this blog post, however, and i did run a comb through my hair when i got english muffin crumbs in it. oops. DSC_1010 DSC_1006 DSC_0999 DSC_0010
top&shoes : forever 21 // shorts: charlotte russe // tights: the gap


Shelby said...

I totally saw that shirt!! Did I want it.. YES! You lucky duck. Love this.

Abbey said...

Can I just say that your hair is so great?! I love it! You look so classy, and I love that top!

kate maggie said...

This post seriously made my day/week/month. Yes, this is a Kate outfit, NO, I could never look as cute as you do in it! I love everything about this and the pop of blue on your nails. Also, can we switch hair? ;) Love ya so much and so glad I know you..this made me smile to the moon & back! xx

Nina said...

You look great! I love that shirt, wish we had more F21 here in the UK
Nina from little nomad

Sarah said...

love the tights!


Beautifully Pure said...

Aw! You look so pretty!! I really hate those days when no-thing looks good on! >.< Seriously, those are the worst!

But on a brighter note, lazy days are the best. ;) I've been spoiling myself with them lately. Hehe. My last day off I wore my pajama top all day. Ew. I really need to start wearing, you know, clothes, even when I have no where to go. ;D

P.S. Your hair looks amazing! <3

Jamie Rose said...

Well I think this outfit is super cute! I would definitely wear something just like it. I love your dotted tights with the black shorts and that blouse is adorable.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

That's another thing I love about blogging--you can find so much inspiration from your blogger friends! On days where I can't figure out what to wear, I'll be on my computer looking through my Tumblr or my favorite blogs (yours included) and hopefully get some inspiration :) I haven't worn tights with shorts in so long! I have to get back into it because it's CUTE!