Thursday, November 22

i'm thankful

  • for chai tea lattes, because they prevent zits and stress during midterm weeks
  • for ombre hair, because the messier it looks, the better
  • for online shopping, because otherwise my wardrobe would be maurices and the buckle
  • for macs, because for once i've had a computer last longer than a year
  • for iphones, because i've never been bored in class since
  • for the internet, because i've met people that are fantastically not boring
  • for fleece lined tights, because they allow me to dress as impractically as i please in montana without completely freezing to death
  • for strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, because otherwise i wouldn't eat any fruit ever
  • for taylor swift, because she wrote a hipster hating album when i needed it
  • for my fleece northface gloves, because they allow me to drive to school in the morning when my steering wheel is colder than the 15 degree air outside

and mostly, i'm thankful that i'm the kind of person who is thankful for what and who she has every single day of the year. i'm extremely fortunate and blessed to have those people in my life this year there. and i'm thankful that i get to spend an extra long weekend with my three favorite people, cuddled up in my parents' bed in my onsie. truly, i have it good.

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Beautifully Pure said...

What a fun post! I'm glad you're enjoying the cold weather and TSwizzle's new album. <3