Wednesday, November 7

how i spent my election day off

in montana, classes are cancelled on election day.

this is awesome because if you're me, an out of state student, you've already sent in your absentee ballot and you get to spend a tuesday off doing whatever you want. days off in the middle of the week are awesome. so how did i spend my day?
  • unfortunately, my brain has decided it is, in fact, an early rising kind of brain. so even though it woke up at 7:00AM, i watched an episode of HIMYM until i drifted back to sleep again. and i repeated this until 11:00AM. it was kind of the best way to wake up ever.
  • i figure there are bigger problems on election day than what a college student at target's hair looks like and i can slip by unnoticed, so a morning shower was definitely skipped.
  • put on my wonderfully soft sweater i purchased at the gap for $15 on sale last night. WIN, guys, WIN.
  • went to target. bought a dozen CD's so i could burn half a dozen of my last clients' photographs onto them ($!).
  • SKIPPED starbucks and came home to make my own brewed coffee.
  • watched a few more episodes of HIMYM (barney just met his DAD, guys!).
  • cleaned my room in and out. did 4 loads of laundry. realized there is nothing more freeing than a clean room and it feels like my mind can breathe again.
  • talked on the phone to two people i adore. one who is taking life by the horns (is there a less corny quote for that?) and one who just went through something i know all too well (see what i did there?). 
  • went to the post office. sent more cds and generally tried to look away from the montanians sporting their "i'm voting for ____" stickers. i'll give you a hint... they had cowboy boots on. 
  • started my paper. took breaks to eat cake pops and rasberries (they cancel out, right?).
  • made mac&cheese because i haven't been to the grocery store in three weeks and hey, it's fast. i managed to overcook the noodles which meant soggy mac&cheese.
  • worked on my paper. was distracted by facebook conversations. finished my paper between twitter checks for election results and anxiously bit my nails.
  • ate pumpkin ice cream (i know, i know) to soothe the nerves.
  • finished my paper, put on my fuzzy socks, and said YAY. i can sleep easily tonight knowing my ovaries are safe and in three more states everyone is allowed to love who they love.
*officially, election day is my favorite day every two years. it's so fleeting and fast and wonderful for doing anything i want when i want it to happen.
**and this is as political as you will ever see me on this blog. promise. 


Shelby said...

That pretty much sounds like the PERFECT day. Raspberries def cancel out the cake pops. At least in my book. I wish my day went like that. I also had a paper to write, but I am very easily distracted. Ask me how that went? Haha (hint: not good)

hellolyndsey said...

you already know how amazing you are. this is just by far the cutest day ever.

The Braided Bandit said...

I agree that cake pops and raspberries cancel eachother out! I use this theory a lot. Sometimes I push it a bit too far. For example, sometimes I think a chipotle burrito is a round rounded meal because you have your beans as protein, your carbs, your veggies, I could go on. Then the chips and salsa is cancelled out by the well rounded burrito main course! Yeah... Loving your new cozy sweater too!
xo Hannah

Meg! said...

Best day EVER! So jealous, that sounds perfect. And girl. Just for future reference. It's Montanan, not Montanian! ;)