Sunday, November 25

and over thanksgiving break, i learned html

between editing pictures, back to back episodes of season 7 of how i met your mother,
and physics problems, i managed to teach myself html.
i knew it before, but in my last layout, it took some tricky sneaky
moves to figure out and finish after i'd finished the ground work.
low and behold, brooke's blog!
also, you should probably read it... she is a real hoot and i went
to high school with her, just saying.
(also she guest posted for me this summer here!)


Z said...

Whoa, so you designed her blog? looks really cool! you seemed to have a much more productive weekend than I did... :]]

Kirsten Wiemer said...

her blogs great!

girl, way to go, i need to learn html.
sounds like a productive weekend.


Beautifully Pure said...

So cool! I love designing templates but I hate coding with a passion. :-P