Monday, November 12

10 things you must do if you ever come to moscow, idaho

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my home town, bless its little heart, is small but wonderfully so. for a town of 10,000 people whose population doubles during the school year when the students are here, it mangages to pack a lot into its two mile radius. i was never one of those people that hated what a small town i grew up in like so many of my classmates and i never felt like there was "nothing to do". i had my "things" to do and i still come back just for the cinnamon roll at wheatberries or the stroll through the cemetery (most beautiful one i have ever seen).

1) go to one world cafe and order an americano (best ever) or their chai tea latte. both are my favorites. get it for here and sit in the upstairs lot next to the railing in one of the adorable upholstered chairs. you can see every person that walks in and you're in the prime people watching location.

2) go to co-op and purchase virginia's tortillas for later. i've been eating her tortilla's for years and it wasn't until my senior year of high school that i actually got to meet the famous tortilla maker herself when she was my chaperone to save sea turtles in mexico. THEY ARE LIKE CANDY. i'm disappointed by every quesadilla i eat in missoula because they aren't used with one of hers.

3) drive on the old high way between moscow and pullman because it's the prettiest/best of the palouse you'll see. either that or drive on the old troy high way on lemhi because there isn't a more diverse drive. canyons, forests, rolling hills, and wheat fields all in fifteen miles.

4) visit the palouse mall. if only to see what a pathetically small mall feels like. mind you, i have to drive 500 miles to even step foot in an urban outfitters or h&m.

5) walk downtown and see the storm cellar because it's truly my favorite cosignment shop i've ever been in. the owner even follows me on pinterest and instagram. and if you wear a vintage dress, his wife/co-owner will compliment you and she's cooler than zooey d. i've found vintage lace boots, floral button up dresses, and the best sweaters. i'm partial to their vintage scarves, too. 

6) eat a cinnamon roll at wheatberries. they heat them up for you and they are the size of your head. my favorite is the caramel glazed one with caramel bits inside. absolutely mouth watering. and worth the 600 calories.

7) avoid campus. the university here is 25% greek. or at least, take a walk near the admin building but avoid greek row at all costs. unless you want to be entertained by idaho sorority girls in cowboy boots and flannel with greek letters embroidered.

8) walk through the fort russel historic district and see some of the prettiest houses you might ever see. many were built in the late 1800's or early 1900's. we're talking houses with turrets, stained glass windows, iron gate fences, bright colored doors offset with their brick exterior, white shutters, enormous multi level victorians, and everything else. it's my favorite part of moscow.

9) go to winco with twenty dollars and load up on all of their bulk food in bins. you can get everything in their bulk section; m&ms, peanuts, pesto, animal frosted cookies, sour patch kids, mozzarella, cocoa powder, white chocolate chips, and caramel covered pretzels.

10) eat at mike's. hands down best greek gyro's you will EVER have in your life.

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Brooke Stapleton said...

i just teared up-- i love my sweet little moscow. and the storm cellar is THEE best! like, it beats all the thrift stores in salt lake + provo by a long shot. ...and the rolling hills...

thanks for this.

Z said...

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I absolutely HAVE to do a post like this when I finally go home for winter break (otherwise I think my heart would actually fall to pieces thinking of it). Your whole town sounds so sweet and wonderful - I wish I could visit!

Shelby said...

Anyplace with good people watching is the absolute best! I love little towns :) You always find the neatest little treasures!

tammilee said...

Fantastic post!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

It's on my bucketlist to come and visit you in Idaho and/or Montana one day. And it will happen! <3

Talia Candler said...

Oh the 'Scow! I've been craving Mikey's for the past five months now. NEW MISSION!

Abbey said...

Your town looks idyllic, and those landscapes!! Love.

Kristen Page said...

Idaho seems so lovely and quaint! I live in such a big city, it's refreshing to see cozy towns like this! :)

Vicci said...

This is a sweet post! But i'm a bit confused...when you say "greek" do you mean people from Greece? Or is this an American term I am not aware of? Whats wrong with "greeks"?

becca said...

how darling is this little town! I adore this post, talking about all of its ins and outs!