Monday, November 19

polka dot peplum perfection

Here's the thing about blogging: it's my favorite. It's possibly my favorite thing to ever happen to me and it's probably something I'll continue to do for a long time regardless of what shape it takes. It's my favorite way to see how I've changed second to old journals buried in my desk drawers and it's my favorite way to get out all the things in my head that would otherwise just sit there. And lastly, it's where I've connected and met people I never would have. I think people that know me in real life probably think it's weird that I make friends on the internet and meet them, but the thing about it is that this blog is all me. When I meet someone who knows me from my blog, it takes no time at all to "click" because I'm just myself. There are things we have in common no one else in real life does. I guess all in all, the brilliance behind blogging is that it goes beyond just blogging. It does exist in the real world when those connections are made and made real. I love blogging and I'm shamelessly proud of it. 

Anyways-- on a completely unrelated note, I learned some new things last week. Wait, what!?
  • overnight curls are hands down the best. i showered before dinner, put in curling mousse, curled my hair with a 3/4" iron, went to bed, woke up, and had the best curls i've ever had. not too forced or stiff, just relaxed and "hey world! look at my relaxed cool curls that aren't trying hard to stay in position at all! we're just gonna do what we want but still stay curly!"
  • chai is hands down the easiest thing to make and easy to make well. also, homemade chai is better than coffee shop chai (maybe i'm just telling myself this so i feel better about being cheap these days) and the other night while studying for midterms, i had three cups of it. 
  • i have the facebook bug again and i'm not sure how it happened but it did.
  • the most liberating feeling is to shamelessly feel the things you feel and express it. honesty is the best policy!
  • at the grocery store the other day, i accidentally got two percent milk instead of fat free. i've been a skim milk girl since 1993 and since i didn't want to be wasteful (and i'm cheap! sense a theme here?) i decided to enjoy this gallon of 2% milk while i had it. that first bite of captain crunch with 2% was perhaps the best bite of cereal i've ever had and i'm afraid that i'm never going back to fat free. at least, not until i start training for my half marathon. then we'll see.
  • the best kind of nail polish is gold and glitters.
  • this dress is my favorite thing ever. peplum and polka dots and a peter pan collar all in one!? it's almost too good to be true. 
DSC_0722 DSC_0717 DSC_0708 DSC_0706 DSC_0738 DSC_0736 DSC_0726
dress: forever 21 // tights: the gap // shoes: francessca's collections


Girl and Closet said...

You look gorgeous, girly!! Love the double polka dots & the peplum is so fabulous! And next day curls?! Oh my gosh, always my favourite too. xo

Abbey said...

If you could be my personal hair stylist, that'd be great. :) You look gorgeous. And 2% is the way to go... always. hah

Jessica said...

Love that dress! I've been peplum crazy lately. It fits you like a glove! And I just bought myself some gold glittery nail polish that I can't wait to try!

Jess said...

I love this post. I agree that being shameless about the things that you enjoy * direction anyone?* is the best feeling. Also, those curls are incredible! When are you training for a half marathon? I am running on in April, and I am so excited. We should stay on top of each other with training and the such! (:

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

So...when are you and I going to hang out in real life? :) Hopefully in January! Eeeep!

That dress fits you like a glove! And it's from F21?!?!?! It's such a cute holiday dress and I love all the details from the mesh, to the collar, to the peplum! Love it all! :) You look amazing and your hair...I can never get enough of it!

PS. I hate milk but when I do eat it with my cereal (and it's like 9 parts cereal and 1 part milk), it's always 2% and it's been that way since I was a kid. I tried skim milk once...and it just tasted funny haha.

k8te said...

i'm jealous of your perfect cool curls! mine are either always trying too hard or falling out (my hair is naturally spiral curly..ugh!) oh, and i totally say go 2% or go home! i always drink 2%..fat free tastes like water :)

Sarah said...

love the dress!

libys11 said...

you pull off this dots on dots look so well!!! :D i never knew it could work as good and chic as this!! :D
you look great in peplum!! :D

and i have to agree that overnight curls rock! i don't even put heat on them. i just twist them over an elastic headband! :D

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Laura said...

This dress is absolutely adorable! And you are so right, your hair looks awesome!

Funny thing, I had the same exact nail polish combo on this week; great minds think a like. :)


Virginie Bardot said...

So much truth is this post! Honesty definitely is the best policy :)

And this outfit is perfection, as are the polka dots.

And blogging is awesome, I'm glad it's such a happy place for you!

Virginie xo

Beautifully Pure said...

You look so pretty! That dress is gorgeous and your hair is divine! I just might have to try that sometime. <3

kylee said...
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kylee said...

HOLY CRAP THAT DRESS IS AMAZING! even more amazing is the dress + tights + shoes.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh. You are just too precious for words. SO MANY POLKA DOTS I CAN'T EVEN. And you're so right about the internet/blog friend thing. I love that explanation. And ah! Half marathon-ing! I will totes run it with you.

Mary said...

Hahaha. You're right, the dress *is* fab. But let's count how many times you've said a particular dress was the ULTIMATE. Haha

becca said...

1. your curls are unbelievable if that's actually how you did your hair. do you sleep on a cloud? gorgeous.

2. I need to tell you a story. the other day thomas and I went to see the movie Taken (2). one of the main actors' names is maggie grace! ha ha. and thomas, who apparently reads everything I and everyone else posts on my blog, said, "That girls who always leaves you crazy comments is in this movie?!!"

ha ha.

Danielle Sewell said...

Jacqueline and I are gushing over this dress. also, HI.

Jamie Rose said...

I definitely feel you about the 2% milk. I never get skim because it tastes like milk water. Plus our bodies absorb vitamin D much better when the milk fat is still there.

Also, I'm in love with your dress.The sheer top is so pretty and the sweetheart neckline is really flattering. I love all the dots going on in this outfit. You can never have too many polka dots!