Thursday, November 1

if your name is maggie's okay to dance and sing in the car even when you get to an intersection and you're stared at by every person around you.

it's okay to sometimes take selfies. on your good days.

it's okay to buy six bags of halloween candy when you know you're not going to get more than two trick-or-treaters (okay, we got none).

it's okay to watch eleven episodes of how i met your mother during midterms week. mental breaks are healthy.

it's okay to dress up on official test days and put on pink lipstick. 

it's okay if your mom follows you on twitter.

it's okay if you aren't friends with them anymore on facebook, but you are with their parents.

it's okay if you have to be a little bit creepy to befriend someone you think is awesome.

it's okay if you have more best friends that are bloggers than real life ones.

it's okay if you call your parents three times a day during midterms week to be convinced that you aren't going to fail.

it's okay if you tear up every single time you listen to "all too well" by taylor swift. that song just gets to a person.

it's okay if you're ridiculously excited that it's finally november and time to start anew. 


Shawnee said...

you look so grown-up! beautiful. :)

ps and i love these "its okay" hahah

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...


You're amazing. I just want to make every list you make.


hellolyndsey said...

you are so beautifully awesome.

Mary said...

"it's okay if you have to be a little bit creepy to befriend someone you think is awesome."

Yes! The ones that are thoroughly creeped out aren't the type of people I want to be friends with anyway. said...

Aww, you didn't get ANY trick or treaters? I didn't think I was going to get any but I came home to a herd coming towards my door! I quickly ran to the store to save the day. :)

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Sarah said...

When I first learned about the tv show Dexter, I watched 4 seasons within a two week period. I'm positive my roommate thought I was nuts.

Talia Candler said...

I guess it's okay to take selfies..maybe. Haha just kidding, Mags you are always lovely and don't worry, "all too well" makes me tear up too.

libys11 said...

aaww.. cute!!! :D i love this post!!!

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Autumn said...

You make the best lists. Also, learn to take selfies now because I have had to learn the hard way post-college when I was so worn out I was almost crazy.

I always dressed up on test days...made me feel more confident :)