Monday, April 8

it's 2am and i'm back in the lower 48 and doing homework due in 6 hours

well, hawaii. i have a lot to say about hawaii. i didn't think i would because i didn't think it was going to be a thought provoking trip but the last day sort of did me in regarding profound thoughts! ...although i may not go into them very much. we'll see, we'll see.

but anyways, back to the point. i am back! in the lower 48! and it seems insane to me that just 24 hours ago i was enjoying my last night alone in my very own bedroom with a remote control light and a tv with CABLE watching friends before passing out in the most comfortable bed i've ever slept in. it even beat the hilton mattresses, guys. nothing says, "welcome back to reality!" like homework assignments due at 8am that i haven't started although it's 2am even though i had a few very open windows of homework time in hawaii. but, like, my mind wasn't in homework mode. it was in pure exhaustion mode by the time my day at the beach/hiking/absorbing my surroundings was said and done and the only thing i could do was remain motionless either on the deck overlooking the ocean or in bed with a sunburn. like, what was i supposed to do?, obviously. i should have. could have. but in reality, this is my only homework assignment due this week. and so i think pulling an all nighter after 9 days away is not a bad bargain, really.

now let me proceed with two pictures that summarize my feelings at the moment more perfectly than the 2am mumble jumble above:

how i felt being IN hawaii
how i currently feel being back in montana
where snow is in the forecast and school is a thing

*my roommate wins for photograph of the year for that picture above. too good. seriously. i almost made it my profile picture on facebook.


Mary said...

"like, what was i supposed to do?" haha, i feel you, girl. definitely not to study.

i'm so glad you enjoyed hawaii so much. it was great following you on instagram.

have a most excellent week.

Z said...

why are all your posts perfect? this is so cute and you're right, that picture should win an award.

▲my• said...

love love love.

shelbyisms said...

Those photos. GEEZ. And your running bod is lookin' good.

Beautifully Pure said...

You are seriously too cute!! I kinda hate you a little... JK! xD

I'm glad you had a blast in Hawaii, your photo is making me impatient for summer! <3

Natalie said...


Janine said...

Maggie! I need advice on how to be happy alone.. can I e-mail you? :(