Monday, April 22

hawaii: days three & four

i've been figuring out how to put into words everything that the last couple of days in hawaii really were. i thought i was finally stumped into silence until i realized that it wasn't that i couldn't put it into words, it's just that i didn't want to. there were some things i wanted to keep to myself, some experiences i kind of selfishly want to keep contained in the contents of my journal. i know, i know. i'm a sourpuss.

i will say that it was beautiful. i will say that standing on the cliffs of molokai on the last day and feeling small in comparison to the world and life in general was a humbling experience. one i don't think you need to go to hawaii to feel, necessarily, and one i've felt while running the trails along the clark fork river in missoula. it's liberating and wonderful. stepping outside of your routine for a moment to see the big picture of things. it's the best experience, if you're asking me.

i didn't take a second of this trip for granted and i'm counting my lucky stars i was blessed with this opportunity. i soaked it all in. i wrote in my journal every night for hours trying to write it all down. i took pictures upon pictures upon pictures. i put my phone away and just felt it all.

and even though it's been almost two weeks since we were there, i'm still finding sand in my ears and suitcase.
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Shawnee said...

these photos literally took my breath away. what an incredible adventure! and those are the best trips -- to soak it in, to feel it, and of course, write down as much as you can until your hands hurt. xo

Lizzie said...

Great photos! Hawaii seems so effortlessly gorgeous.

I hope you are well. I know you've been experiencing blizzards and the like too. It's just not nice.

shelbyisms said...

Freaking fantastic, pal. That last photo is my fave.

Lyndsey said...

these photos are absolutely BREATHTAKING! I hope I get to go to Hawaii someday! :)

Brissa said...

that first paragraph! what a perfect way to put it. and those pictures! you're getting me all sorts of excited.

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing life! In my interview with Urban Outfitters they ask me that from where I got inspiration and I of course did mention you : )

Where did you get that polka dots swim suit? It's adorable and I think it goes perfect with me cuz I have the same body as you : )