Saturday, April 20

good news and a 10k (+ then some) saturday!

this weekend is starting off wonderfully. as in, the best kind of way a weekend could ever start.

and it's only saturday.
the kids that i nanny are easily the best part of my week. i don't know how i got so lucky to get a job that is not only perfect for my schedule but blesses me with afternoons playing at the park with two of the most fun children ever, but it's too good to be true. even when i'm exhausted by the end of the week or cranky because of the piling on of a week's worth of stress, the second i walk through the door and i'm greeted with their hugs, it all goes away. it's the perfect way to recharge before the weekend starts and end the week.

i got the best kind of news yesterday after work, the kind i'm proud of and can't wait to talk more about when everything is said and done. i celebrated said news with a trip to target to buy a grown up kind of purse and chocolate peanut butter ice cream from cold stone. 

i spent the evening with two people i don't see enough anymore since i went to the dark side that is english literature. 

i woke up at the blissful hour of eleven am after ten hours of sleep and proceeded to go on a run right away. and accidentally ran seven miles. this isn't my best/furthest mileage since starting my running resolution at the beginning of the year, but since i got off track before going to hawaii and not running at all in hawaii, it felt good to get back to a good place after only a week back on my old schedule.

also, very best of all, my goodies from the aerie 40% bra sale came. if that's not worthy of a fist pump in itself, i don't know what is. 

p.s. my layout looks different, i know. and it's going to look even more different soon, but i had just had enough with the polka dots. i know, WHAT? did the world freeze over? 


kylee said...

i love that i already know your big news. ice cream is the best way to celebrate. so excited to see what you do with the blog layout!

Natalie said...

I'm so happy that everything is just working out so splendidly for you right now. And I'm sure it will continue to do so. AWESOMESAUCE!

Lizzie said...

I commend the change in layout! Sometimes I get stuck in such a's awful.

Yay trips to Target! I think I will go soon. Maybe tomorrow?

Beautifully Pure said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I *love* Aerie. It's actually kind of sad/pathetic/embarrassing how excited I get about buying new undies from there. Lol!

I really want to take up running, do you mind if I shoot you an email asking for some tips? I have literally no idea where to start (I don't even own athletic shoes? Sad, right?)

becca said...

ah, so many good things! I'm so happy you love the kids you care for, and that they make your day? oh that is so sweet.
and the seven miles? awesome. I think it's so great that you're doing this! totally inspiring.
what is the good news?? It's kind of exciting! I wanna know!