Tuesday, April 23

how {not} to be a gilmore

yesterday began as a less than satisfactory type of monday. womanhood. that's all i need to say.

i went home to take care of some things and because i had to go home to do those things, there was no making it back to class. so instead, i sat down and pumped out my four hour long timed essay i had to submit online. woot. by the time i was done, i was ready to be mindless for a while and also regain feeling in my fingertips. before i knew it, i had a plate of bagel bites, a homemade latte, and just so i could feel better about the 16g of saturated fat i was about to consume, a bowl of fruit ready to be devoured. i turned on none other than gilmore girls because nothing can capture my undivided attention like those two and thought to myself: holy crap, i am a gilmore right now. coffee, unhealthy processed food, bed, and tv sitcoms. i have finally done it. i have achieved all that i could ever hope to achieve in life. and purely by accident proving once and for all, i could have been rory's younger sister.

*mid way through i will follow you anywhere that you tell me to if you need, if you need-*

just kidding. maggie, you are not a gilmore.

as i reached to grab my coffee sitting on top of the inch and a half thick base of my headboard, i flipped my plate of bagel bites simultaneously as i tipped my coffee mug completely over so that it drenched my hair, covered my WHITE down comforter i got for christmas and treasure more than anything else, and nearly drowned my phone in coffee. 

yeah, okay. i'd say that it was the stupidest thing i've ever done, to drink scalding hot coffee in bed while eating in bed, but no, it isn't. it was just pretty stupid and definitely did not place me in the effortlessly cool ranks that lorelai and rory pretty much dominate. 

so, no. i'm not a gilmore. it was cool to pretend for a few minutes but let's be real, i can't pull effortless off.

there's the way i look when i drink coffee...
and then there's the way they look when they are DANCING.
clearly not a fit.


Z said...

HAH you sound just like me - I always try to drink hot chocolate in bed and balance it on one of the frame legs...I swear, constant dangerzone. My roommate just got me into Gilmore Girls and it is an ADDICTION. And addiction that I will feed, regardless of finals week approaching...

Kristen Page said...

Haha this post is amazing! I used to think I could live life like a Gilmore, wait scratch that, I still believe it! I think being clumsy is perfectly Gilmore-ish. Oy with the poodles already!

becca said...

oh so sorry about your poor monday! I had the same problem. the first problem; the womanhood one- and the awkward one too, if we're being honest. and I always spill food and drinks on the bed too. so there. you're not alone. no one can be quite as cool and collected as those gilmores anyway. don't blame yourself.

▲my• said...

This is me with hot tea in bed. Always.

lazy explorers said...

Oh no! I always worry about that sort of thing happening.
I have one of those laptop tables for your bed. It has probably saved me from this exact incident..multiple times. You should get one!

Shawnee said...

haha! aw. gilmore girls...sigh. brings me back. my empty tea/coffee/water cups always are scattered around my bedroom floor, usually not finished, and i never fail to spill one. once a day. grr.

i think you're fab though.

char said...

I feel like I'm missing out, I can't remember the last time, if ever, I had coffee in bed.

Marlen said...

HAHAH ohhh NO! that really sucks. and you were SO close to become an honarary Gilmore,so so close. That definitely sounds like something I'd do too, I have absolutely no grace or effortlessness in me. You can me an honorary Marlen if you want ;)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Laura said...

Love this post, mostly just because i love the Gilmore Girls. My cousin's husband calls myself and her, the Gilmore Girls, mostly because we talk WAY too much and WAY too fast.


Elis said...

Let us not forget the episode after the dance marathon where they can barely walk. Or their meltdowns the next season when Lorelai is running out of money and Rory was told to drop a class...While those ladies are boss and I love them and would love to be like them, they also have their own gaffs, like us because we're human :)