Tuesday, April 16

all day i thought it was thursday

these last couple of weeks just feel like they are those kind of weeks. at least this week seems to be better if only because having three full weeks of school left feels like a whole lot less than four. maybe.

montana, however, wants everyone to think it's actually fall. why i am so surprised every single spring when after a week of 60 degree weather it plummets down to the 30's i have no idea. it's MONTANA, maggie. get with it. 

i had my very last workshop today so i can successfully say i've written four short stories this semester and i'm actually the slightest bit proud of a couple of them? i think i may actually be improving *slightly* as a writer and i can attest to that because when looking over my short stories i wrote even just a year ago i want to delete them from my harddrive and never see again. but then again i hope the day comes i want to say that about the ones i just wrote and it's a never ending cycle of hating everything i've ever written and continually getting better. or at least, improving. i like writing, guys.

other than that, i'm busy being a proud older sister, putting all my summer plans into motion (!!!), wasting too much time on the internet finding a cheap leather jacket for spring/summer, nannying and falling more in love with my kids every day one of which insists his shoes are on the right feet but never are, trying to put an arm's length between me and my closet because our relationship is about to be severed when our lease is up, and realizing this year is almost over and realizing how crazy is it that looking at myself a year ago feels like looking at a completely different person.
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Z said...

sounds like the end of the semester to me. :// it's such a weird bittersweet time. I hear you girl!

Shawnee said...

I TOTALLY kept thinking today was Thursday, too! And two weeks left of school for me! Yikes! Now enter stage crazy-ness. I'm so happy for you - summer plans/writing/and everything because I just think you're the coolest and I love when people follow their dreams and just do what they want to :)

ps I'm avoiding my closet too. one cleanout is enough, right? bleh.

Natalie said...

I guess it's a good thing to be able to look back on what you've written and kind of hate it all. At least that's what I do, too. But yeah, that means you're improving, right? Yeah. I think so. Improving is good. YEAH.

I'm a proud internet friend of someone's older sister? That made no sense but I think you get it kinda maybe. YAY SOPHIE.

I really do like those pants a lot.