Tuesday, April 9

hawaii: days one & two

oh, hawaii.



i'm splitting my hawaii pictures into two posts for the four full days we got to spend there. 

i missed hawaii before i even left, while i was still there, and that started when i knew that as the days were unraveling i was experiencing things i would always remember. isn't that a weird thing? sometimes you don't even know a day or a moment is going to hold significant meaning and then there are times when you know without a doubt you're always going to remember what's about to happen to you. full disclaimer: i had no idea this trip was going to be anything more than just a fun vacation. but i'll elaborate on that later. 

so. days one and two.

there was hiking to a completely empty beach with tide pools to swim in and be splashed in. in fact, almost every beach we went to we got to have all for ourselves. i mean, we could have skinny dipped if we had really wanted to. 

there were milk shakes that cost $6 but were worth every stinking penny because they were the best milk shakes i've ever had in my life. 

there was car singing in the jeep driving around the island ourselves. 

there was the best bed i've ever slept in and a roommate best friend turned travel companion soul mate who knows you so well she doesn't even question when you want to go to bed at 8pm because she knows you need an hour of alone time before bed to unwind. 

there was dinner at the neighbors that was accompanied by their son's best friend who was 24 and very clearly a set up for one of us. who was also extremely hot. and nice. and holy smokes, MATURE. i don't think i knew what to do with a polite boy and i don't think my roommate knew how to look him in the eye. it's okay, i didn't really know how to do that either.

there was waikiki, which i sort of strongly disliked because it was one of those places that could have been any other place with a beach in the country. there was a coach and sephora on the beach, after all. and the sand was even imported. shame, waikiki. shame. 

there was the puddle jumper plane that fit all of 9 people that i was terrified to step aboard on but ended up being sort of a huge treat because i got the window seat facing the islands so i got a view of the area where jurassic park was filmed and see the ocean which lived up to its cliche of being just SO BLUE.

there was the prettiest house i've ever stepped foot in. and the nicest couple i've ever met who made me feel like family that i was sad to say goodbye to. and one of which was a living breathing nigel thornberry.

there was being told i had to be a tourist just arriving because i was so pale. there was feeling like a cullen because i literally reflected light. i'm from montana, okay?

there was deciding i didn't care if i really annoyed everyone on instagram by posting so many pictures at the end of every day. 

there was sort of feeling like i was cheating on my love for indonesia by falling for hawaii by day two. 

there was my roommate who could prance around the beach effortlessly and take really spectacular jumping pictures and me who got thorns in her feet three times so that they bled all over her flip flops and then looking like a flailing idiot taking jumping pictures.
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Shawnee said...

beautiful photos!! i need to move to hawaii. i love the thing about memories - SO TRUE. also i'm hoping you took a photo of the hot guy? ;)

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Oh my...everything looks gorgeous! It's so awesome that you got to see the island where Jurassic Park was filmed. I just saw it in 3D and it was awesome! :)

shelbyisms said...

Drooling over the photos. Literally drooling.

Natalie said...

I just.... I just....

I just.

Z said...

gaaaaaaaah it is so pretty I could diiiiiiie!!!!!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and this only makes it worse. But I'm so glad you guys had such a great time! (And all of your swimsuits are adorable!!!)

becca said...

jealous times a thousand.

of hawaii (duh). and also of your polkadots and awesome swimwear. where did they come from? I have one vintagey/granny swimsuit and I might need to update!

ps. something is going to the mail for you today, now that you're back :)

kylee said...

you know you had a good trip when you miss it even before you leave. i want a hawaii milkshake. NOW. i love our twin dresses and i love that palm tree photo. i need to learn how to take pictures like you.