Thursday, April 18

you mean they aren't even related?

let's go back in time for a second to last weekend.

something i realized after these two set off on their merry way back to washington: i am getting old. i mean you don't really realize you're getting old while you're getting old until a 17 year old is staring you in the face and you suddenly realize you can hardly keep up. i couldn't believe the speed at which these two talked, ate, laughed, and did everything they did. i kept asking myself, what is wrong with me!? where did my energy go!? these two had me falling asleep on the couch by 11:30pm every night. danielle and katy, tell me how to get the energy you two have back. either i've lost it and it's never coming back or hanging out with 20 year olds has forced me to reign in the energy i once had.

thanks for reminding me what it's like to laugh to the point of tears and toots. seriously. tears and toots, guys. it was a fun fun fun weekend. these two can come back any time that they wish because not only did they let me drag them all over missoula to do my favorite things (coffee! pictures! ice cream! pizza! movies! drives! trying on clothes!) but they let me curl their hair and even cleaned my living room before leaving. i like them alright. and it was fun to pretend that i was friends with a set of twins because apparently that's what everyone i introduced them to thought they were, too. you two are the prettiest and funniest gals around.
_MG_2867 _MG_2835 _MG_2803 _MG_2853 _MG_2864 _MG_2823 _MG_2809 _MG_2858
they made me the happiest.

also, katy blogs. and took all of these pictures. and i only wish my blog had been half as good as hers when i was her age.


Shelby said...

oh my goodness. you guys are all so stylish!!! and that pic of her kneeling next to you.... i'm sorry, but i freaking cracked up!!! i was not expecting that! hahaha oh Maggie

Shawnee said...

bahahha, the height difference is killin me! and the girl in the pink dress, LOVE her boots. what a fun weekend:)

Paige said...

Aw my god both so beautiful I love your sunglasses such a lovely shape! x

carly said...

HAHA, the kneeling picture! and about feeling old next to young'n 17 year olds, what is that all about anyway?! I had that same experience with my younger cousins staying up later than me last time we hung out. feeling like a 20-something granny.

▲my• said...

Ugh. I'm getting old too... I'm constantly tired.
You guys look super cute <3

lina said...

where do you get your jeans! i like!