Sunday, April 21

sunday fun day

recipe to put the fun in a sunday when there's a blizzard outside and it's april:

(1) decide you don't want to cook for dinner and instead use your free punch on your frozen yogurt card. you can't feel the cold if you're inside, am i right?

also, i filled my entire 16oz cup with yogurt and toppings. the equivalent of this cup of yogurt would have cost $8.62.
photo (17)
(2) listen to this mash up and dance to it in your living room with the curtains drawn while your roommate isn't home.
(3) think about seattle until your brain hurts. DSC_1848
(4) drink tea and call your grandma for two hours because grandmas make everything in life sweeter.
(5) will this dress to go on sale again so you can finally buy it after six months of staring at it online and trying it on in stores twice.
(6) if all else fails, watch these youtube videos:


Shawnee said...

it does sound like a glorious sunday! i just listened to that mash-up, and kinda like it. i mean, demi and taylor are both awesomeeee so how can i not?
that yogurt looks AMAZING. i realized gummy worms is one of the best toppings ever.

it's like that one time i had a free starbucks drink card, so i ordered a venti soy double caramel latte. an $8 drink, of course.


Z said...

dude, the paper-laughing baby is a classic. and that yogurt cup looks gnarly! gummy worms...sweet wonder...

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

omg that BABY. It literally made me laugh out loud with pure joy and amusement. lol. Too cute!! Also...I can't believe you have a snowstorm right now! It does seem lik winter just doesn't want to go away this year, though. It's taking FOREVER for the temperatures to warm up and stay warm. >:|

Lizzie said...

I think I need to use this recipe when it blizzards next. I'm tired of the snow!!

Shelby said...

i feel like i always have to make lists in my comments to you, because i always have way to much to say! so here is a novel.
1) you have no idea how happy i am to know that i am not THE ONLY HUMAN WHO PUTS GUMMY WORMS IN THEIR FROZEN YOGURT!
2) that awkward moment when i saw your twin... while getting frozen yogurt.. with gummy worms
3) i basically think of Seattle EVERY DAY, especially since i have never been so yeah..
4) grandma's are the greatest thing on the planet. like for real though.
5) that dress... i am dying. can't even handle it.
6) the flags and helpers video was so amazing. that has been on my mind a lot lately. just the fact that when chaos strikes everyone focuses on the negative, when really there is so much positive. oh, and laughing babies are always a win.

ok bye

Shelby said...

i skipped the mash-up!! oh my gosh!! why do you do this to me! i can't even handle this. too much greatness. TOO MUCH!!

kylee said...

i love youtube and laughing babies.

▲my• said...

Frozen Yougurt = <3
It's one of the few things I'm not supposed to eat that I eat anyway because I love it so much. The tummy aches are worth it!

John always helps. This looks like a good day!

Natalie said...

That looks like a beautiful dinner to me.