Friday, September 28


my life for the past three days have consisted of 3:45am alarms, airports each day, a lot of family and hugging and crying, and to keep me sane, a venti nonfat pumpkin spice latte. seriously, i never would have made it without my starbucks coffee at the airport every day. idaho, wyoming, utah, and montana all in three days. strangely, though, as exhausted as i am and despite my 9pm bedtime, it hasn't been too difficult to wake up. something tells me it's because i'm just so excited each day to be reunited with my family when it feels like that's the best dose of medicine for the heart.

these three days have made me appreciate the little things even more. they've also pushed me into consciously thinking each day about what i'm going to remember that day or what made today "worth it" like i preached about in my previous post. i jotted them down in my little notebook for my writing class and it was actually kind of spectacular to look back and read them. i might have to consider keeping this pattern up.

little things
-my grandma's face lighting up as i stepped off of the tarmac and into the terminal. something about knowing that it was my personal choice to make the trip alone to wyoming to be with her and knowing it was my doing that could bring her that joy humbled me deeply.
-eating (and loving) fresh strawberries for the first time.
-texts from my mom goodnight with an "i love you".
-being complimented by a stranger.
-staying up until midnight talking about everything and saying things that were long since over due.
-leaping into my sister's bed this morning when i arrived.
-coffee, always the coffee.
-five minutes alone in the car with each of my parents.
-crunchy leaves, sunny day, sweater, and a slight breeze.
-some serious retail therapy in two days by means of a purse on sale, perfect dress, and the most amazing floral tights.
-being mom's stylist for the day.
-painting my nails with grandma.
-the deletion of a 'friend' on facebook. it was coming, y'all.
-taylor swift's new song AND mumford and son's new album.
-wonderful flight attendants who bring you free refills on apple juice.

maybe it's dumb that these little things give such meaning to my day, but they make me happy in the moment. i guess i'm all about that these days.


kylee said...

i love that i was with you when you experienced and loved fresh strawberries for the first time. perfect dress, i was there for that too! the deletion of a friend (who isn't really a friend anymore, becaue well we both know that story and know what you deserve), proud of you. i got your email (only had time to skim through) but i plan on reading it and writing back tomorrow when i should be doing homework (obviously i have my priorities in order).

Susanne said...

such a lovely post! :)

Beautifully Pure said...

Sounds like a lovely three days! Sometimes the "little" things are just huge! (And getting complimented by a stranger is the best!)

Also, I am rather smitten with TS's new song. <3

Charity said...

Sounds positively lovely :) And I am totally IN LOVE with TSwift and Mumford and Sons, so I feel you there!