Saturday, September 15

my fall wish list + fall inspiration

i don't normally make wish-lists, but when i do, i mean serious business. it means i actually took the time to look through my closet and decide what i definitely don't need (where most of my money ends up going...) and what i actually need (where most of my money should be going..). making a tidy list keeps me focused while i'm at target or online shopping and helps me to scour deals and sales as well.
red hunter wellington boots (this is a stretch because i already have a pair of perfect wellies however, last fall/spring, i ended up wearing them almost five days a week. they're durable and made to withstand many seasons, but because i'm getting so much use out of them i'm thinking i want to double up to prolong their life even further and give them a rest. i can't tell you how much use i get out of these babies. if you ever want to buy a solid pair of boots, i swear by Hunter's, even if they're a crapload of dough!)
polka dot pullover sweater (for layering and staying cozy. i've been looking for a cheaper and more affordable one.)
- infinity scarves here  here and here (infinity scarves get me through montana winters and chilly mornings.)
neutral pleated skirt (because every single one of my skirts are BRIGHTLY colored. do i even own neutrals? no. and it's time i do.)
- fall colored denim  in burgundy and mustard (because i am obsessed with my colored denim collection and i can't get over how versatile they are!)
- boyfriend fit neutral shirt (I HAVEN’T FOUND ONE yet but I so badly just want a light, NOT distressed, long sleeved simple chambray top. if you know where to look, please inform a desperately seeking neutral buyer.)
all of these outfits have me goo goo eyes for fall and cold days and blankets and cocoa. i know fall is a pretty cliche season in the bloggin' world and personally, i have to admit i'm more partial to winter, but i can't deny that i do love the colors and i'm more than a little tired of wearing summer clothes. i'm ready to pull out my tights collection already!


kylee said...

i want polka dot pullover too. tried to find one while in ny, no such luck. i'm on the hunt for a pleated skirt too. saw one in the window of american apparel but totally forgot to go in. i am soooo ready for tights & sweaters, so so ready.

Hi, Julie here said...

I love seeing you wearing your Wellies, I wear wellies too and I love them.

Natalie said...

I recently bought navy Hunters and I'm actually excited for it to be colder and rainy, just so I can have an excuse to wear them. I love your fall wish list!