Wednesday, September 19

all i have to say about right now is

i should be watching the head and the heart at one of the coolest venues
to watch a concert... ever.
instead i'm here?
also, i'm just as disappointed with this lack luster blah post. after tomorrow night,
life will be unpaused and i'll have freedom once more.
also, you know how you convince yourself that college is really awesome
and oh my gosh it's not that hard is it? but then you have midterms week
and suddenly you haven't showered for two days and have been home only
to sleep. and you realize, oh yeah.


Jen Hsieh said...

I'm not going to lie, a part of me misses those scummy college days. Actually, if my college self at the time heard me saying that now, I'd probably punch myself in the face and cry over my books again.

Yay, college!

Abbey said...

Love this post. Head and the heart is the best! I missed them when they came to town too. :( Good luck on midterms!

Mary said...

Just everything you write. Gosh, so good.

kylee said...

that video you posted, it's the very first head and the heart video/song i ever heard. that is the video that introduced me to the beauty and perfection of that band. i'm having a slight "oh yeah, college" moment. one of those, oh i haven't done any of my homework and i have three online classes that are begging me to finally get caught up in and oh yeah, i'm in college and i can't pretend like i live in a homework-less summer.

dinoprincesschar said...

Boo, sad that you missed your concert. I don't miss uni at all, I did not enjoy it.