Friday, September 21

confession friday

i may or may not have started getting coffee  at the same time every morning because a) yes, i love coffee b) the cute barista who i friended on facebook last spring after seeing him at a social gathering still works there and he's still cute. most expensive maneuver to get someone's phone number... ever? (but i always order the day's "special" and he usually gives me a discount, so there is that.)

i have a knack of knowing when i'm about to get my womanly monthly woes because all of the sudden i can't stop eating and i'm crying over ridiculously small things. so this week, when i started to well up when i missed my bus, i went to albertson's and made sure i had lean cuisine pizzas in my freezer by day's end. if you're going to crave junk food... make sure it's of the lean brand?

i might have driven to my mailbox every day this week. i know, i know...

my facebook detox lasted 4 months straight... and i'm back. although, now that i took 4 months off, i find that i check it maybe once a day and i am never on for more than ten minutes. it's really just as boring as it was when i left? that being said, my tumblr/twitter/pinterest addiction is off the radar. i like you people more than people in real life?

i'm a month and a half away from my very first blogger meet-up EVER and i could pee my pants with excitement. but telling my friends in real life about my friends on the internet is never going to be less weird and i've accepted that. also, saying, "i'm friends with them on facebook!" doesn't convince them it's any less strange, either.

i definitely didn't shower for two and a half days this week. a soccer game happened on one of those days even.

i bought a chevron printed top and it's my new favorite thing ever. and i'm a little excited for when i wear it and i match my blog layout?

i thought i could swear off hipsters. not going to happen. there are too many hipsters in missoula. i mean, really. it's a lost cause. i have a type, so what? it's time to accept the 'why' behind i was swearing them off and realize truly, it's not the type, it's a few distinct qualities to be written off. well dressed boys, you're back in business.

but most of all...
i have been the worst lately about returning comments and questions.
generally i like to return every single comment and visit your blogs because you
all are some of my favorite people out there. it's not even that i don't have the time
(well, except this week) but that i haven't been making the time for it.
because you are all being maybe nicer than ever before and
i really miss blog hopping/commenting. you are all so much funnier and
more awesome than me. it's lonely living in my own blog bubble.


dinoprincesschar said...

Love the idea of a confessions post, and yay for matching the chevron top to your blog - cute!

Gemma said...

love these types of posts! your top is adorable too :') yay for the cute barista wish i had one :( xx

Anni Ts said...


I love love love your blog. It is so personal and awesome and funny and I wish we were friends in real life and could talk about med school, the necessity of coffee, boys, life...
Completely unrelated but HOW do you get your hair to look so awesome? I wish my hair would look like yours even after I just brushed it. It always looks messy so how? Which shampoo/hair products/other stuff do you use?

Beautifully Pure said...

Your posts are always so much fun! I love 'em! <3 Thanks for sharing!

Brooke Mosman said...

amen, amen, AMEN to that all. and i have that top -- twins! i love it so much!

kylee said...

daily discounts from cute boys? jealous. too many hipsters in missoula? i'm moving out there.

Natalie said...

OooooooOooOoooh cute barista. Suggestive winky face.

Four months of no Facebook is pretty impressive. I only use it to check up on far away friends. And sometimes to creep on people.

Your chevron top is so great. And also it's not your fault about the hipster thing because, um, it's their own faults for being so damn attractive.

A. Mae / said...

Haha, I have to know more about driving to your mailbox. Distance?

Cute post!

Jen Hsieh said...

You match your background and I'm kind of obsessed with that.

Kelly said...


I have also shed tears on account of a missed bus :)

Jessica said...

I have to confess that I don't know all the traits of a hipster. But I have been told that my geeky glasses are "hipster". Hmmm...And I love the chevron print! Also my personal FB page is annoying me. I haven't checked it in a while and am thinking of deleting it! I think there will come a time when FB will be "so yesterday". -Jessica L