Saturday, September 22


(4) days until my darling baby sister turns 18. oh wait, does that mean she's not a baby anymore? that also means... PRESENT SHOPPING TIME. which is my favorite thing to do. i spoil her rotten.
(28) days until one of my good friends visits me here at school and tears up the town together while i shamelessly try to shove all college town spirit i have down her throat. thrifting, haircuts, pictures, river walks, target, downtown coffee shops... it's all in the works.
(31) days until taylor swift's new album comes out. i need this album in my hands more than anything.
(40) days until my favorite holiday ever.
(42) days until i go to seattle and meet the delightful elanor in my first blog meet-up ever.

*this post idea comes from kylee who has the greatest lifestyle blog around. seriously, go girl crush up on that girl.


kylee said...

i die when you mention me on your blog. sometimes i forget that we are real life/blog life friends and it's the best thing ever when little shout outs like that remind me that i have the coolest real life/blog life friends around.

Beautifully Pure said...

You get to meet Elanor! Sounds fun! I need to do a blogger meet up sometime soon!

Also you forgot to add to your list that in just three days the Avengers comes out on DVD. Yup. I'm excited. ;D

A. Mae / said...

My baby brother turned 21 this year which is insane to me as I still see him as a perpetually 14 year old kid. Happy birthday to your sis! :)

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

(_____) days til you come to Cali/I go to Montana or Iowa? :(