Wednesday, September 5

remember that time?

remember that time...
i took senior pictures of a senior and puppies and the pictures were incredibly difficult to take because the puppies just wouldn't stop moving (who woulda figured, right?) and only one out of every ten shots turned out but the occasional one did and they ended up being pretty darn cute?
i went to seattle and unknowingly ate the third best ice cream in the entire country (or something like that, it was at least in the top ten) and the waffle cones were made fresh so that they were still warm when you got your cone and melted the ice cream enough to make every bite creamy and oozy and perfect?
we went to a halloween party where we met thor himself from absorkee montana who took off his clothes halfway through the night and my sober mind didn't really know what to do except take a picture of that moment?
it was gorgeous in missoula and the leaves were all sorts of lovely and i went on one of the most memorable walks of my life because of how darn pretty fall in montana is?
i looked like my mom for about five seconds before we started to look completely unrelated at all and i could no longer say that i looked like any of my parents at all?
i went to bali, indonesia when wearing a swimsuit from limited too was THE THING TO DO and i looked... like this? my oh my.
miss jennifer reeder was my assigned roommate as a freshmen who i believed hated me for the first month we lived together except really she was just extremely shy and now we still live together after three years and are the bestest friends ever?
Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 9.34.54 AM
the one and only megan of megan and liz wished me happy birthday and followed me on twitter the same day and now their songs are ON THE RADIO?
impossible px600 silver shade rust
i thought i was really cool because i found a polaroid generator for photoshop and made an entire album on facebook of fake polaroids but secretly i still do think they are kind of cool...?

my roommate wrote me this poem that is still just so accurate?
we went to shark night in 3d and ended up taking the most awkward picture ever that you could only understand if you were with us to realize how weird it actually was (and caused maybe my first relationship squabble ever)?
i met josh ritter and he was extremely tall and accidentally put his hand up my dress because the back was completely open and tied together with bows but it was the single greatest moment of your life?

i got my bangs cut just before i graduated high school so i would forever have to look back on my graduation pictures looking like a two year old cut them in the dark?

i went to minnesota and the entire trip was filled with nothing but shopping and listening to 'drive by' by train and it was pretty stinkin' spectacular and you even liked the "city" aspect of it all?

oh, life, you're sure good to me.


Mary said...

You have the greatest posts. Hands down. Best blog poster award goes to you, Maggie.

Jessica said...

Aw this was a fun post! I must have missed that post with Josh Ritter because I did not remember that! SO JEALOUS! (PS That autumn pic just made my heart all mushy and longing for pumpkin spice everything)

Natalie said...

Haha, I would probably not know what to do in that moment besides document the shirtless men as well. Fall in Missoula is pretty darn gorgeous, I must say. And I really like the fake Polaroids too, so, whatever. :)