Wednesday, September 12

chasing trains like crazies out of our minds

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sooo i'm taking portraits of a friend
who asked me to take portraits of her so that she could have it framed for some honors society plaque her face and name will be on because she's awesome and cool and really smart. we're on the train tracks where i've taken pictures five thousand times and is probably one of my favorite locations in missoula to date for taking pictures when suddenly i hear a voice behind me. mind you, this is a very public area, sidewalks galore, streets, houses all around yada yada. i turn and see a little old man running out of his car and he's yelling, "if you don't leave RIGHT now, i'm calling the cops in ten seconds." and believe it or not, he actually had his phone in his hand ready, folks, to call the cops on two girls in twee dresses and skirts taking pictures.

"oh, i'm so sorry," i said, "we're just taking pictures."

"YOU'RE TRESPASSING! I'm sorry to ruin your kids' "fun" but if you don't leave this second I'm calling the cops." 

like, if he'd been nice about it and told us kindly that it wasn't allowed, it would have been fine. but the tone of his voice and way he called us 'kids' like we were up to no good and then continued to stare at us and then follow us to the sidewalk and next get in his car and watch us until we left while sitting in his car? ten levels of 'weird' and 'asshole' up in here. 

sorry old man, but you best bet on me comin' back again. i'd probably rather talk to the police than you and your patronizing heroic acts as a citizen.
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skirt: francessca's collections // shirt: forever 21 // belt: ruche // 
shoes: uo // bow: c/o His&hers vintage


Natalie said...

I adore that shirt so much. The color is perfect and the collar and the polka dots and just ah. AND THE BOW. But geez, what the heck man. Why is it such a huge deal for nicely dressed girls to be taking photos? I don't understand people sometimes. Okay, a lot of the times.

Laura said...

You look so adorable! That bow is absolutely wonderful.

Wow. What. A. BUTT. I think I probably would have said, "go ahead." Since when are train tracks private property?


casper+pearl said...

i LOVE the shirt! your blogs so cute!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
the casper&pearl blog

hellolyndsey said...

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to Josh and me. I actually had an old man tell me that either I was going to pay him $200 per hour (i had been there for 3) or take my memory card so I couldn't sell the 360 pictures I had just taken. I told him I would go to hell for the things I would do to him if he touched my camera.. and he backed off and threatened to call the cops for harassment and trespassing. UM HELLO, I AM A FEMALE AND YOU JUST HARASSED ME FIRST.. I can't stand stuck up pricks that think they're doing the world good by running off kids that are taking pictures, and act like we are planting some kind of nuclear bomb or doing drugs in that location. Don't worry about him, he was just mad because he missed bingo that morning and had nothing better to do with his time.

you are gorgeous! i love the mint and yellow together <333

Jamie Rose said...

Wow that guy sounds like a giant douchebag! I just don't understand idiots like that. Why do people have to be like that? We're not causing trouble by taking pictures. You certainly weren't. Ughh. People bother me. I have a general distaste for much of the population though so... haha
In other news I love this outfit! That dotted top is a great color and it looks so pretty with your bright yellow skirt.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

You match your blog! :D I've had my share of weird experiences while taking my own blog pictures but never have I been threatened to have the cops called on me! Ah! What a crazy man! This outfit is adorable as are you! I love you<3

kylee said...

your outfits always win.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...


Tonya said...

How cuuuute! I just adore your little bow!
Is this Missoula? I feel as though I might have walked down this very sidewalk just a month ago!

Anonymous said...

Wowser, yeah, I know what you mean..the tone in which something like that is said makes all the difference. I'm sorry that happened at one of your fave pic taking spots :(

This blouse is just darling with its sweet vintage how it ties in with the shoes, and the bow ties in with both the top and shoes. Nice look adorable!

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aww you always come up with the most adorable outfits! I love everything about this! <3

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

that's TERRIBLE oh my gosh i would die. i hate situations like that - why do people feel the need to do that? ugh - i'm sorry!

and your outfit is SO cute - i love the yellow & aqua together

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails