Wednesday, September 26

happy birthday, baby

thank you for letting me take your senior pictures.
thank you for being funnier than i am and always reminding me that i'm kind of the least cool older sister in the world.
thank you for letting me trick you when you were little into thinking ridiculous things like God flushed me down the toilet when you were born because mom and dad didn't need me anymore.
thank you for being so tough always.
thank you for being really weird. and liking the weirdest movies. weird is so good.
thank you for having the most entertaining tweets around.
thank you for watching television shows with me constantly.
thank you for being my side-kick, best friend, always honest (brutally so) sister. sorry to break it to you, but you're kind of stuck with me for life and i promise you, i'll always be this annoying.


Natalie said...

She is gorgeous, and so are your photos. And seeing you write about her makes me wish that you were my older sister.

Aayla @ said...

Happy birthday to her! <3