Friday, September 14

things i'm learning lately

  • i can finish a gallon of milk (skim!) in less than a week. 
  • and i go through about one and a quarter toilet paper rolls a week?
  • i'm a non-fiction writer, not a fiction writer. this is crazy and very surprising to a girl who has a hard time not exaggerating the details sometimes.
  • i have an addiction to buying furniture on craigslist. but only nice furniture at a good deal. and i'm actually really good at finding good cheap furniture?
  • i like socializing on weekends, but weekdays are just mine. 
  • i'm actually, maybe, really good at making myself happy and being alone.
  • i'm definitely a go to bed early/wake up early person. this 6:30am wake-up call has kicked butt the past three weeks and with only my schedule to accommodate for, a book before bed and lights out by 10:30pm is the dreamiest thing ever. 
  • i'm cheap. like, i buy store brand everything. even grated cheese and butter and milk. all albertson's brand. like, only the things worth spending extra money on will i splurge. like nail polish. speaking of which...
  • my nail polish addiction is out of hand.
  • deciding to approach school differently this semester and take some new and different classes was the best thing i could have done for myself. i'm incredibly happy in my classes and love paying attention in them. 
  • morning coffee is always a must. a must must must. nothing can happen until i've had my morning mug.
  • grocery shopping is a blast and i've tried more food in the past couple of weeks than i've tried in my life.
  • lazy days alone are my favorite.
  • sometimes, i just need to have a little more confidence in my abilities and just rock it without second guessing myself. 
  • i'm the happiest i've ever been.
sitting in the car with one of my best friends the other day, we started talking about what being "20" was like and having both gotten out of relationships in the past six months, the differences in being single now at 20 rather than when we were both 16. truly, it is so different. i've come to realize that i really don't know myself as well as i thought i did because the last time i had this much time for myself i was 16. it may sound like i'm stressing 'singlehood' these days but it's only because it's been exciting and incredibly interesting. the difference between being single and a relationship to me, truly, has just been all of this alone time i didn't have in such quantities before. and i love it. i'm becoming my own best friend and learning and growing in ways i didn't expect.


Elanor said...

Maggie, you are so awesome.
I can't wait till we get to meet and be BFFs in real life.

Mary said...

This was awesome. Also, please share your Craigslist-furniture-buying secrets! I was literally just saying, man, I need to buy maaself an armchair!

Abbey said...

I had a big obsession with craigslist, and I had to cut myself off because all I would do is scroll and scroll and scroll.. but in all honesty- it's so fun! especially when you get great stuff! Awesome that you are re-getting to know yourself. Its really important, especially when you're off living on your own.. knowing how to make yourself happy, and not depending on family, friends, or boyfriends to do it for you! So- amen! :)

Jamie Rose said...

I'm glad you're happy! I enjoy your little posts like this. I, too, have an extremely out of control nail polish addiction. Like...probably near 250 bottles out of control...yeah...
And I enjoy my lazy days alone too. Especially when they're spent not doing graduate school work and instead spent doing something fun! And by fun I mean reading a book I want to read or watching a whole tv series on netflix.

Benlovesting said...

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Z said...

I love this post almost too much...I'm nineteen and turning twenty sounds terrifying, even though it's hardly a change for me. Such a comfort to know that there are other people going through the same thing! I'm so glad you're enjoying your 'adult-ness' and feeling so comfortable. :]

Meg! said...

I just really, really love this post. A lot. <3