Sunday, August 5

22 before 21

(one) get all A's for one semester.
(two) skinny dip.
(three) sew my own article of clothing/alter something from goodwill.
(four) go an entire year without facebook.
(five) train and complete a 5k.
(six) photograph a wedding.
(seven) finish a writing project.
(eight) buy every piece of furniture for my apartment used.
(nine) go on a road trip to seattle.
(ten) ask someone well dressed on the street or on campus if i can take a picture of what they're wearing.
(eleven) go on a road trip to portland.
(twelve) stick to a clothing budget.
(thirteen) make my own stationary and get back to regular letter writing.
(fourteen) pay off my car.
(fifteen) learn to take my own pictures with a tripod.
(sixteen) order something other than grilled cheese/chicken fingers at restaurants.
(seventeen) move forward in the future without looking backwards.
(eighteen) learn to use the public bus system.
(nineteen) rent a tandem bike with a date/friend and ride around missoula.
(twenty) keep a cleaning routine in my apartment.
(twenty one) network my photography in missoula.
(twenty two) meet some bloggers IN REAL LIFE!


Lizzie said...

I love lists like these, though obviously they are more meaningful to the person who wrote them. It seems like you're in store for some awesome things!

I'm curious why you want to go an entire year without Facebook, though. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad thing, it just seems unusual nowadays.

I wrote a list like this, except 17 before 18 and saw that I didn't pass my AP calc exam and that was one of my goals. Made me sort of sad. Oh well.

Good luck with accomplishing everything! :)

010 said...

you look great


Natalie said...

You can totally do all of these. I have faith in you! Although number 4 might be a little difficult just because. Still, though, it's possible! And I definitely recommend number 22. :)

Hannah said...

It looks like you gotta a lot of work ahead of you! But I'm sure you can do it. A lot of things on there look quite fun and when you're doing something fun, time just flies. :)

If you end up not using Facebook for a year, could you let the rest of us know your secret to success?!?!
I've tried & failed a one week challenge. lol

mariska said...

love the outfit. u look so cute


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

this is a great list. i might have to do the same.

Charity said...

What a perfect mix your list is! Sounds like there might be some challenges but those are give the best feeling of accomplishment when you meet them. I've always wanted to do one of these, maybe I'll have to get disciplined and try an 18 before 17 list. :)

Michelle said...

if we could all only stick to #12!

hellolyndsey said...

Skinny dipping? Pshh. I go chunky dunkin (a southern term for us "not so skinny" southern girls when we dipped!) Let me tell you: best experience ever. Go to a lake/river at night time with all your girlfriends! ;)

I'm halfway through the facebook challenge! I deleted my facebook in January and I'm SO glad I did. I have a hellolyndsey page on there and I update it whenever I post, but never again will I have a facebook!

all of your goals are simply amazing. I'd especially like to partake in 22 ;)!


Amanda said...

What a delightful list! I hope you get them all done! Also that hat of yours is wonderful!

kylee said...

this is me still catching up & feeling the need to comment on all your posts.
one. i want to have a straight A semester in college (a breeze in high school but a challenge now).
four. you are awesome for having such a goal. i could never go a full year.
five. that's it, i'm moving to idaho, we're training together & accomplishing this goal.
nine. while i'm there we'll take that road trip to seattle.
eleven. we'll do this one too.
twentytwo. please let me be a part of this one.