Wednesday, August 22

meant to be

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i'm going to tell you a story
about the time a girl asked one of her dearest friends if she'd want to take outfit photos for her because she was boyfriendless and newly single but mostly because her friend was extremely stylish and took amazing pictures. they made plans one evening to take pictures, but their plans fell through so completely out of the blue, they decided, LET'S TAKE THEM TONIGHT! so the girl did her hair really quickly and sped for maybe the first time in her life down the highway to get to the neighboring town where her photographer and stylish carless friend lived. she found her way pretty easily to her friend's house having been there quite a few times in the summer but once they set out to take pictures, she took a terribly wrong turn which lead to an unfortunate backwards way to get to where they wanted to actually be. it was an area of this town where she had never been nor knew anything of. driving at 10mph so as to avoid taking another wrong turn, they drove down a quiet residential street chatting aimlessly. appearing almost out of no where, she suddenly observed a boy and a girl walking down the street and looking more closely, a very well dressed boy and the thought crossed her mind, "so there IS more than just one adorably dressed hipster i could see myself dating in this world." 
not even another millisecond long glance was needed for her to VERY quickly realize that this boy was in fact... her newly labeled EX-boyfriend. walking down the street, with a girl. the ex-boyfriend she'd one millisecond earlier decided was cute and well dressed and gave her faith that there were more people out there in the world than just the one she'd fallen in love with. on a quiet street, one she could not more literally have stumbled on, that she wouldn't have even been near if she'd left one minute later or one minute earlier. 

but here's where the story gets good because while she saw this person who she kind of hated but still kind of loved even when she shouldn't and didn't even know if she wanted to love, she also saw that this girl was wearing denim cutoffs and a ratty tank top and messy hair and while she probably is/was a really nice girl, the ex-girlfriend sitting in the car was wearing an awesome pink dress and having a really good hair day and had also snagged the ex-boyfriend for four hours on their first date once upon a time. and everything was okay because she wasn't bitter or resentful, she was just better off. no one ever would be the girl who did what she did and no one would ever replace her nor the memories of the two and a half years spent. maybe this was the moment to prove to her two months later that things were as they were and that's how they were meant to be. and who knows? maybe things had to happen so better things could fall into place.
and she was proud.

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dress: H&M // hat & flats: Urban Outfitters


Kelly said...

Way to go, girl.

You look great. And trust me, there are plenty of well dressed young men in the world, even if they seem hard to find!

Lizzie said...

I liked how you relayed this story. Very compelling.

I like to believe things are meant to be and I'm glad you're happy. And you look gorgeous as always! Your hair is flawless.

Beautifully Pure said...

Aw, I'm glad you're feeling so good, Maggie. :) I'm also very glad that you were having a stellar style day when you ran into him. ;)

Anni Ts said...
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Anni Ts said...

" No one would ever be the girl who did what she did and no one would ever replace her or the memories..."
I just love this. In situations like this we have to remember that everyone is special ( not eating the paste- special;-) and no person can replace another person. The time spent, memories made will always be connected to you. But the people we focus on in our lives have to change because we have to change to really live.
And you had an amazing hair day!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great and i really love your outfit!

if you have a moment please check out the latest post

Jamie Rose said...

Ha that's so weird that he happened to be there! Great story though and your outlook on everything is so positive! I'm sure you looked 100% better than that other girl too because hello. You're wearing a fantastic dress and your hair is so pretty! I really like the location for these pictures too. They turned out so nice!

Jasmine said...

Yay you're wearing the dress!!! It looks amazing on you and I love it paired with those bright colored shoes! Love these photos! And you already know I'm so proud of you and how far you've come this Summer. So so so proud <3 And YOU ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD HAIR DAY!

Laura said...

You go girl! That is really awesome way to look at everything.

You look lovely!


Savannah said...

My heart was breaking...until I got to the ratty tank top part. Ha! You go, Sweetie :)

Shawnee said...

that second photo. !!!!! Gorgeous.
cheers to you! Xoxo

Charlotte Crowley said...

I am so, so SO proud of you Maggie. You are so brave and such an inspiration. You deserve everything you want in life and I know you will get there.
also, I really need to meet you one day.

Charlotte x

SomeoneLikeYou said...

It was last Saturday. we had been broken up for two weeks after five years of being together. I went to the festival we went together every year as a couple, but this year, with my family. i knew something was up that night, had a feeling. I stood in line, waiting to ask a question when I saw him. saw my bestfriend and only person I've ever loved in the world with another girl. other people saw him, too. but he still denies it, still lies to me, contiunes to break my heart more and more everday. even though we're not together, it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. doesn't mean it doesnt't kill. that he's with someone else now after me being gone just two weeks and was with someone else even when we were dating.

And you know what i've done this past week? i've cried and cried and cried. cried because it'll never be the same. but then i came here and read this post. how you went through the exact same person. with the person you cared the world about...and he's with someone else. and it's shocking. and i look at you and how you handled it and i know that everything will be okay. maybe no right now, maybe not for a long time. but someday i hope i can be as strong as you. i hope i can be like you.

we both deserve better.

you are my inspiration, always.

Mary said...

Wow. That's awesome. You're awesome.

Hope Bidinger said...

Wow, such a story!I love the color combination, so beautiful:)

hellolyndsey said...

You are so sweet and so strong, Mags. Never change for anyone or anything. That occurrence? It was to show, no, prove to you that you are better off. you know what happened? I'll tell you exactly what happened. He needed to fill the void. He couldn't go on and get through it alone. He realized that your need for him has disappeared, so he turned to someone else. He knows that you are moving on, the happiest way possible, on your own. I have been there. I know the hurt and the confusion. I know how it stings to see something like that and to come to realization that it all is really happening. But you know what? It's okay to hurt. It's okay to feel that confusing twinge of past love. And you know what? It's okay to be proud. It's ok to move on. In the end, you did it by yourself. You did the hardest thing another person could do which was to mend from the inside out. You're healing your heart- he's healing his image. It's that simple.
Don't label yourself as the ex-girlfriend because that is not what you are. You are the beautiful girl with the awesomely flawless hair in the stunning pink dress. You are the quirky girl that loves to take pictures a 4 am and spend the day with her crazy best friends. You are the girl that has feelings and isn't afraid to stand up for herself when the time is right. You are the one that got away, and she will never be you.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

jesus you super babe.
seriously. love this photo.

i'm so glad to see how much you're progressing. i never know what to say on comments since we talk more via text!

kylee said...

h&m dress?! we're twins! also, that second photo... AMAAAZING!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Good for you, Maggie. It's good to see that you are moving on and realizing that you are better off and will find someone who is worth sharing your beautiful self with. That dress looks absolutely amazing on you and I love how you paired it with some nice, bright turquoise shoes! That place looks so pretty and peaceful. Seems like a really good place to get away from things and sort out your thoughts.