Thursday, August 30

so far in my junior year of college...

  • saying i'm a JUNIOR in college hasn't gotten any less weird.
  • i convinced myself pretty early in the summer that at the very least, it was a good thing i went to a big college and running into someone who will remain unnamed that you all know who i'm talking about would happen at a minimum because after all, at any given moment between classes there are a few thousand students walking around. that wasn't so. the dreaded moment happened not thirty seconds after my first class and again the day after that. the good news? i'm a worry wart. i had nothing to worry about and won't have anything to worry about and hopefully soon that person will be "named" rather than "he who will reamin unnamed".
  • grocery shopping is the literal death of me. as in, jenny and i have gone every single day of the week. even when i make myself a list of all the things i "need", there are things i discover i have to buy once i'm cooking that completely slipped my mind. butter, eggs, salt, and a cookie sheet fall into that category. clearly, if it wasn't obvious, i have never lived on my own in my life.
  • i'm the worst pre-med student on campus and no longer feel legitimate enough to hang out in the honors college study room. i'm taking physics, developmental psychology, creative writing non-fiction, and introduction to russian culture. i should be taking anatomy and microbiology but i'm not so i can get these hunky dory english requirements out of the way. and all i can think is that all of these overachievers are judging me for listening to music and blogging away on my taylor swift covered macbook while they're memorizing organic molecule structures just the way i used to judge everyone else in here. oops.
  • i'm counting down the days until gossip girl premieres again. 
  • being single and surrounded by flocks of missoulian hipster is the best and worst. take what just happened before i wrote that sentence, for example. i didn't even pay attention to his face and couldn't tell you a single detail about what he looked like, but with one glance i saw his pin-stripped button up shirt tucked into his colored denim and i was transfixed. the eye contact lasted a solid three "mississippi" seconds before i could tear my eyes away. this happens not once, not twice, not even three times a day, but probably five times an hour. who am i kidding? i can't hate hipsters for the life of me.
  • it's quite possible that on a friday night you'll run into your girlcrush since the cafeteria days of your freshmen year because she has impeccable style and you'll take a picture with her and she will tell you that she recognizes you, too, because she loved your style as well. 
  • waking up at 6:15am every single day hasn't proven to be exhausting and awful like i thought. in fact, the whole living off campus thing is kind of a dream. forcing myself to wake up early, get completely ready and eat a full breakfast instead of going to class in pj's and on an empty stomach is extremely beneficial. 
  • living without a car and internet is extremely difficult and that will hopefully be solved... soon.


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

It's written down in my planner and I cannot wait! Ah! And you are the best pre-med, double major I know so don't even worry about it<3


Natalie said...

I feel like living off campus in your own apartment would be so fantastic and I cannot wait for that day to come for me... Hopefully the world just wanted you to run into ~~him now so that it will be avoided forever in the future? Maybe? And hey, even if you're not a crazy premed student you're probably a much less stressed one which is probably a glorious feeling.

Amber said...

grocery shopping is terrible. I still hate doing it. Sounds like you are having a great time in college although how you are living without a car or internet is beyond me! talk about brutal. hope you get both asap.

hellolyndsey said...

i loathe grocery shopping. I think that everyone has that same problem when it comes down to it! every time i make a list it always ends up being lots of $$ and still never everything I need. agh! At least you are enjoying living on your own AND enjoying your college life as well :).