Monday, August 13

the longest weekend

i'm not really sure how to sum up the weekend i just had in just words (there are some really, really amazing pictures that will do it justice later), but let me just say that i have never been more happy to be home safely in my bed nor more excited to just fall asleep. i may or may not have just slept for eleven hours straight.

other than that, i'm hoping i finally catch up on the blog sometime this week (i hate getting out of a rhythm!) between the three senior portrait sessions i'm finishing up and a full work week before i head back to where i just came from for school. so hopefully you'll see me back here tomorrow.


Madalynne said...

Glad you're back!

Charity said...

I second that! And your sunglasses are just great.

P.S. Love the new blog layout! Chevron print and mustard-y yellow? Perfect.